Usage & Side Effects of Tramadol


Tramadol is a medicine that can be used by people who are suffering from moderate or severe pain. But before using it, there are certain things that you should know about the medicine like its dosage, side effects etc. This is very much important as the unawareness on the same may result in serious health hazards for the users. The most commonly used Tramadol tablets are the Tramadol 50 mg and Tramadol 100 mg. A fully-grown adult can consume a maximum of 400 mg per day. They can preferably take a 100-mg tablet at an interval of 4 to 6 hours.


It is available in the forms of tablets and capsules as well. Depending on the situation and prescription from a doctor you can use it in any of these forms and can be consumed orally only. Like any other medicines, Tramadol also must be used with utmost care. The lack of same may result even in death and that is the situation when the lifesaving medicines become life taking medicines. A Doctor is the best person who can guide you in this regard and his prescription should be the final one. The disposal of the unwanted medicine is also something that needs to be done with special care.



Things to remember while using Tramadol: –

Tramadol is intended for people who are looking for a solution for any type of pain in their body. But it is not recommended to start using it without proper knowledge of the medicine. Even though it has proven abilities to cure both the mild and severe pain, the below points should be checked before the usage of it. Otherwise, it may result in nothing other than Read more some side effects in Dsn Pre Workout.

Tramadol tablets are supposed to be swallowed along with water and should not be chewed or crushed. Tramadol is also found to be a very addictive medicine and once started using it people try to use it very frequently. So be sure about its usage and don’t try to use it for more time than prescribed by a physician. The Tramadol dosage is also something that needs special attention.Never use it as per your will and always consult a Doctor to confirm about the Tramadol dosage. For a regular user of Tramadol, a missed dose is recommended to consume as soon as he remembers it. But if it is time for the next dose, it is better to avoid the missed dose as it will not cause too much harm.


The Mothers who are taking Tramadols dosage should not breastfeed their babies as it can cause harmful effects on the babies. Just like the overdosage causes severe health problems, the sudden stopping can also result in similar problems. The regular users of this medicine should try to decrease the Tramadols dosage gradually before completely stopping it. A Doctor can advise you on the ways of reducing the Tramadol dosage which will be very helpful.This medicine can be kept in good condition at room temperature and does not require to keep in cold conditions.Also, make sure that it is kept away from moisture and from the reach of children. Tramadol is also found to be affecting the fertility in both the men and women. So, if you are planning to use Tramadols medicine, be aware of this.

WhoCan’t Use Tramadols?

Every medicine released into the market is seen to be coming with some side effects at least for a particular group of people. So, the first thing users should consider before consumption of any medicine is that whether it is suitable for people like them or not. In simple words, medicine like tramadols is not good for people coming under certain criteria and its necessary to check this before consumption of Tramadol. The below list will help you with the details of people who are not supposed to use this medicine.

  • People suffering from severe breathing problems or asthma should not consume Tramadol.

  • A combination of Tramadols with alcohol or similar is tramadol a narcotic will be tramadol high dangerous. Hence don’t use this medicine if you have recently consumed anything like that.

  • Tramadols is not good for people who are having blockages in intestine or stomach.

  • Children who are less than 12 years old should not be provided with the Tramadols.

Side Effects of Tramadol:-

Along with its benefits, Tramadols is seen to be coming with some tramadol side effects also. In most cases, this is observed in people who consume Tramadol in overdose. it is also not rare to observe the same in people who are using it as per a Doctor’s prescription. Under any of the above situations, if you found yourself having any of these side effects stop usage of this medicine and consult a doctor at the earliest.

  • Breathing-related problems like difficulty in breathing, noisy breathing etc.

  • Any part of the body is shaking uncontrollably.

  • Constipation or Indigestion.

  • Sleeping disorders including difficulty in sleeping.

  • Reduced heart rate or Nervousness. The pulse rate also may decrease.

  • Sexual problems like having no interest in sex or impotence.

  • Ladies having menstrual problems or infertility.

  • Swelling of body parts like face, legs, hands etc.


These are the most common side effects observed in people because of the usage of Tramadol. Along with this, there are a lot of other effects as well which can be also considered because of Tramadol usage. It includes a headache, vomiting, drowsiness, dry mouth, muscle tightness etc.Tramadol can also cause mood variations and consciousness loss in some people.

Conclusion: –

Used under any circumstances, medicines are always medicines and are not required to use as per one’s will. They can help you in recovery from your health problems but also cause some negative impacts on your body as well.So, the consumption of all those medicines including Tramadol should be done under the guidance of a Physician and is for use in necessary situations only.The dosage and duration of the usage may vary for each person.

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