Tips to Write a Research-Based Healthcare Essay


Writing is part and parcel of everyday learning. It’s one of the crucial skills any student should strive to improve, whether in high school or university. But did you know most students still struggle to write outstanding research papers even when they advance to tertiary institutions? Well, most learners develop anxiety problems whenever they are requested to write a healthcare research paper and other assignments that require extensive studies and critical analysis of multiple references. However, the good news is that you can improve your research writing skills and abilities by applying various approaches that have been proven effective in enabling learners to produce outstanding papers. In this article, we have outlined tips to help you write compelling healthcare essays. Read on to find out more.


Top 8 Tips to Write a Stellar Healthcare Research Paper

Unlike other assignments, medical research papers are more demanding. You need to have a strategic plan and investigate the topic or subject in question thoroughly, meaning you should have excellent research and analytical skills. In addition, you should be competent in collecting, compiling reports, and presenting your findings. What’s more, you must use credible sources and precise citations in your papers.

The journey to writing stellar healthcare research papers requires dedication and willingness to learn, but the outcomes will definitely prove to you that everything is worth sacrificing your time and resources.   Let’s analyze some useful tips to get you started as you strive to perfect or at least improve your research paper writing skills:

1.    Identify a suitable title

The title carries weight as it helps to define the constituents of the research and makes the first impression on the readers. Furthermore, it highlights the issue being investigated and the pragmatic processes that will be followed.

2.    Understand the research question

Your study design solely depends on the research question. Therefore, you should frame it clearly to ensure it defines your main objectives or goals.


3.    Prepare a PICO checklist

Before writing a research-based healthcare essay, you should identify your assignment’s PICO elements. The abbreviation stands for the patient or population that the research relates to, the intervention used for the population, comparison, which is also known as the control, and the expected outcomes, which basically means the measure for the research. Identifying the PICO question plays a critical role in ensuring the research is scientifically guided. In addition, it helps you stick to the research schedule and focus on the paper’s central theme, thus enabling you to achieve your research goals.

4.    Develop a writing schedule and adopt a concise structure

Developing a writing schedule and sticking to a well-defined structure is one of the essential steps to writing an exceptional research-based healthcare essay. The approach allows a researcher to organize their ideas logically. In addition, it promotes effective communication by enabling authors to express themselves through written form in a structured way.

Apart from ensuring your ideas flow seamlessly, the approach helps you stay organized throughout the research process. So, before embarking on writing a healthcare essay, you should prepare a draft or outline to guide you and ensure you don’t skip any useful information or ideas. In addition, you should have a defined structure to help you organize your paragraphs.

5.    Subdivide the outline into smaller sections

After developing an outline, you should divide it into sections, including an abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussions, recommendations, and conclusions. The references and appendices may also be presented towards the end of the essay. Following this outline helps ensure that all the parts of the essay are adequately addressed.

6.    Write a concise proposal

Sometimes a healthcare essay may require you to have a proposal to set the foundation for the actual research by outlining the study’s objectives, the estimated amount of time required to investigate a particular topic, the research schedule, and the key resources to facilitate the process. So, if you choose this approach, don’t forget to prepare a clear and persuasive proposal with valid arguments as you prepare to write a research-based healthcare essay.


7.    Identify appropriate materials and methods

Writing a research-based essay requires a comprehensive overview and use of scholarly references and data collection and presentation methods. The techniques play a major role in determining the research outcomes. That’s why you need to select effective methods to ensure you use the right sample population and size. In addition, you should always refer to the research question when writing your paper to ensure you don’t deviate from the main theme.

You may have tried using different techniques to improve your research paper writing skills but still find the process intimidating. That’s why you can easily contact a research paper service from experts – CustomWritings, for example, whose competent writers help students with their assignments in different fields and are available 24/7. So, if you have any challenging nursing or medical task that’s stressing you, don’t hesitate to seek their expert guidance or assistance.

8.    Proofread your paper

After writing your findings and summarizing your research with a concluding paragraph and recommendations, you should spend some time polishing the work. At this point, you need to edit your paper just like you should when refining your essays.

Follow these steps to polish your research-based essay:

  1. Proofread your paper to spot and eliminate any grammatical errors and issues that may interfere with its clarity. These include spelling mistakes, inappropriate or wrong wording, and misplaced punctuation marks.
  2. Review the paper’s structure to ensure it has a logical flow. At this stage, you need to read the entire document and confirm if the sentences and the entire paper are well-structured. In addition, there should be a smooth flow of ideas from one paragraph to another.
  3. Like in any other academic task, you need to check if you have cited your research paper correctly. Your instructor will always clarify the formatting style that you should use in every assignment. So, you must familiarize yourself with different styles like MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and APA to ensure you use them appropriately whenever needed.
  4. Proofreading software like Grammarly can be handy at this point as you finalize your research. The tool can help you polish your research paper by identifying and eliminating wrong punctuation and complex or inappropriate words.

Writing a Research-Based Healthcare Essay Can Be Easier

Writing a stellar research-based healthcare essay may seem like a challenging task, but it’s actually one of the easiest tasks you’ll ever be assigned in college. In this article, we have analyzed key steps to help you complete such assignments. We’ve not only discussed the strategies for producing well-written papers but also highlighted the relevance of mastering the skills needed in scholarly research and essay writing. So, whether you are a freshman or final-year student, you’ll definitely find this article helpful. Apart from the recommendations outlined in this review, you can explore other methods as long as they don’t interfere with your schedule or study patterns and behaviors.


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