The Importance of Teeth Alignment


A good smile is not based on your facial features – it heavily relies on your teeth’ structure. Having a good smile gives you a confidence boost in everything, like your daily work and dealing with your family and friends.


Sometimes you might ask yourself, “are good teeth attractive?”. For you to have a pleasing smile, the alignment of your teeth should be fit. Close your eyes and imagine what an acceptable smile looks like, and you’ll come up with how the upper and lower teeth aligned together. Teeth alignment is a good indicator that you are prioritizing your health and your overall facial features.

The Importance of Teeth Alignment


What is Dental Alignment?

Dental alignment usually refers to occlusion, which aligns your teeth so that most upper and lower teeth will fit together. Usually, the upper teeth should fit over the lower teeth, giving you a perfect facial structure.

Please do not underestimate the importance of dental alignment because it provides many advantages aside from having straight teeth. Some spend money on traditional metal braces, and some rely on the invisible aligners for their striking effects for teeth alignment.


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Why Do Humans Have Crooked Teeth?

Misaligned teeth or malocclusion of teeth are due to several reasons, such as:

  • Hereditary
  • The shape of your jaws
  • Overcrowding of teeth
  • Unevenly spaced teeth
  • Abnormal bite pattern
  • Diet
  • Bad habits

Having crooked teeth is a problem not only because of aesthetic consequences but also your way of biting or chewing food. The majority of the malocclusion mentioned above is due to genetics as a response to human evolution through time. With genetics, some people are lucky with their set of teeth compared to others.

How Can I Align My Teeth?

There are several teeth alignment methods, such as traditional (metal) braces, lingual braces, ceramic/clear braces, dental surgery, and clear aligners. These teeth alignment methods are costly, except for some clear aligners.

Invisible aligners such as Invisalign and Smile Club Direct are known for their wonder in providing comfort while aligning your teeth at the same time. These aligners act as invisible braces or retainers that can be on your mouth for up to 22 hours, where you can easily take them out to eat or brush your teeth.


The well-known brands can be costly, and there are different invisible aligners out there that you can choose from. Availing of other invisible aligner brands won’t hurt and make sure that you know their reviews. There are some good threads that you can consider in checking out some good invisible aligners.

Are Straight Teeth Really That Important?

Having misaligned or crooked teeth is a big deal to most of us because it gives us a weird-looking smile on our faces. Teeth alignment is an optimal smile makeover because it aligns your teeth, jaws, facial bones, and joints, working more effectively with minimal wear and tear.

Misaligned teeth might lead to jaw misalignment problems, which increases the risk of having a locked jaw. A lockjaw due to a misaligned jaw will cost you more for the orthognathic surgery (also known as jawline surgery), where the upper or lower jaw bone should be moved for realignment.

Aligned teeth make it easier for you to brush and floss your teeth in all areas of your mouth, reducing the risk of having dental caries and gum disease. Less oral health problems lead to less restorative dentistry through time, giving you more confidence and a comfortable feeling.

It will be easier for you to maintain your teeth with teeth alignment, especially when you get older. Even if there are veneers or artificial dentures, the feeling of having a complete set of teeth is comparable to none. Proper alignment provides longevity to your teeth, which means that your teeth will definitely last longer.



Aligned teeth are appealing to most of us, giving the person a boost in confidence and good oral health.

Malocclusion is not only because of genetics but also because of your bad habits and your diet. This is where orthodontic care should be considered to address crooked teeth.

There are several methods of teeth alignment, from braces to invisible aligners. Metal braces are old-fashioned, and invisible aligners are the modern option.

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