How Often Should You Have Your Teeth Cleaned Professionally?

A visit to a dentist can often be very intimidating. Sitting in the dentist’s chair with your mouth wide open and staring at the dentist definitely does not qualify as a very pleasant and relaxing experience. But it is necessary, nevertheless. Dental hygiene is a very important part of your general health. A visit to a dentist is necessary to maintain good dental health. You may be taking care of your teeth as well as you can at home; professional cleaning at regular intervals is, however, quite important. Professional cleaning of teeth gets rid of the plaque, calculus (hardened plaque), and the soft yellow build-up. How often you need to get your teeth professionally cleaned depends on a number of factors discussed in this article.

A Quick Survey

There is a quick way to find out how often you need to visit your dentist. Here is a simple questionnaire that will help you decide the frequency of your dental visits.

  • Does your drinking water or toothpaste lack fluoride?
  • Are sweets included in your snacks?
  • Do you avoid flossing regularly?
  • Do you visit your dentist for toothache and not regular check-ups?
  • Does your dentist find many early cavities?
  • Do your teeth need to be filled on almost every dental visit?
  • Do you wear dentures or braces?
  • Are you a patient of chronic diseases, such as heart ailments or diabetes?
  • Do you suffer from dryness of the mouth?
  • Are you lazy about brushing your teeth?

If most of your answers are affirmative, you definitely need to visit your dentist and get your teeth cleaned professionally at least once in six months.

Taking care of your oral hygiene and regularly visiting a dentist has a lot of advantages. It helps prevent many diseases like

  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Gum Disease
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Premature birth
  • Endocarditis

Is Teeth Cleaning Painful?

Many people are scared to go for professional cleaning of teeth because they fear the pain that comes with it. Usually, teeth cleaning is not at all painful. You might experience a bit of discomfort if you have not been very regular in getting your teeth cleaned professionally. Any inflammation in your gums could also cause you discomfort.

The Average Individual

On average, for someone who has no major dental problems and is in the prime of health, a visit to a dentist every six months will help keep your teeth healthy and clean. It will also prevent tooth decay and additional visits to the dentist.

The Average Smoker

Studies have proved that smokers run the risk of oral disease more often than non-smokers. Smoking increases the chances of oral diseases like gingivitis, oral cancer, and gum disease in an individual. Usually, smokers will need to get their teeth cleaned professionally twice as frequently as non-smokers. This holds true even for people who are around smoke quite often; these are passive smokers or those who vape.

Dental Care During Pregnancy

Women taking care of themselves and their health during pregnancy are taking care of their babies as well. The same goes for dental health, too. Pregnant women must schedule at least one visit to their dentist in the second trimester. You wouldn’t want to go too far that deep in your pregnancy to find a dentist if it isn’t necessary. But if you are anywhere near NY or looking for a dentist in Port Washington specifically, you are in luck. There are many organizations that boast of a panel of well qualified and experienced dentists for every dental problem.

Gum Diseases During Pregnancy

Gums often become infected and inflamed during pregnancy. You not only need to be extra careful about your home care dental routine throughout your pregnancy but also keep up your regular visits to the dentist.

Morning Sickness

Many women experience morning sickness during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. In such cases, whatever comes out of your mouth is acidic in nature. You must thoroughly rinse your mouth and brush your teeth twice a day. There are many modern treatments that can counter the damage caused by the acid to your teeth.

Dental Health is Related to Overall Health

How often people need to visit their dentist also depends upon their general health. People with chronic illnesses like heart conditions need to visit their dentist more regularly as they are more prone to gum diseases. Even people who regularly take blood thinners and other medication for osteoporosis must visit their dentist more often. Medicines like blood thinners bring about complications during tooth extraction or any other dental procedure. In such cases, prevention is better than cure. Regular visits to the dentist for cleaning will prevent the condition from becoming serious.

Diabetes is known to affect your oral health adversely. It increases the risk of developing periodontitis or infection and inflammation of the bones and ligaments supporting your teeth. The production of saliva is also hindered by diabetes. This increases the risk of cavities and tooth decay as saliva forms a protective covering and reduces the presence of germs that cause cavities. So, if you have diabetes, make sure you visit your dentist at least twice a year.

Teeth Cleaned

At What Age Should Dental Visits Start?

A common misconception is that kids should be taken to the dentist only after they get a lot of teeth. In fact, dental care begins long before that. It would be best if you started taking care of your child’s gums as soon as the first tooth erupts or at least before the first birthday. Regular dental visits for professional cleaning of teeth are mandatory for every age group, be it young or old.

Do Away With Your Fears

Many people are afraid of dentists and the paraphernalia that surrounds them. The whirring sound of the machine drilling into someone’s teeth is enough to drive people away. Luckily, this aspect is taken care of in the modern dentist’s office. The atmosphere is more like a spa; relaxing, comforting, and pleasant. It helps to do away with the anxiety and fear associated with the dentist.

A beautiful smile is the best accessory anybody can have, and regular visits to the dentist keep the smile intact. Mind you that is not the only advantage. The medical benefits of regular visits to the dentist are many. Regular professional cleaning of teeth helps prevent any major dental problems that might crop up later. These dental complications are not only painful but also expensive. If a regular six-monthly visit to the dentist can save all the trouble, why not?