SSM Smart Square Login 2024 – A Detailed Guide


In today’s complex healthcare systems, managing a large workforce while still providing quality patient care can be extremely challenging.


SSM Health, one of the largest Catholic health systems in the Midwest spanning across four states, has found a solution to simplify scheduling and labor management through a web-based platform called Smart Square.

In this guide, we will take an in-depth look at what exactly SSM Health Smart Square is, who uses it and why it is beneficial, how to log in to access its features, how it works on mobile devices, the capabilities it provides, and more.

Whether you are an employee looking to better understand this vital workforce tool or simply curious to learn about innovative healthcare technologies, read on for a comprehensive overview.

SSM Smart Square Login

SSM Smart Square Login



What is SSM Smart Square?

SSM Health Smart Square is a cloud-based scheduling, productivity tracking, and labor analytics software platform specifically designed for healthcare systems.

It was developed by Avanta, an industry leader in workforce management technology, and is currently utilized by over 50 large enterprises globally, 88% of which are based in the United States.

For SSM Health, a non-profit Catholic healthcare provider with nearly 40,000 employees and around 11,000 clinicians caring for communities across Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin, Smart Square allows managers and staff at all levels to simplify and optimize scheduling and staffing processes.

With so many employees and providers to coordinate, streamlining these back-end workforce tasks is essential for SSM Health to deliver excellent and efficient patient care.

Smart Square makes it easier to align staff to patient demand, proactively fill open shifts, provide payroll insights, increase productivity through automated scheduling, and more.


Who Uses SSM Smart Square & Why?

The SSM Health Smart Square platform can be utilized by all employees, from frontline clinical staff to department managers and upper-level executives. Here is a breakdown of how different users leverage Smart Square:

  • Clinical Staff: Nurses, physicians, and other employees directly involved in patient care use Smart Square for shift-bidding and managing their own schedules up to 120 days in advance. The system increases transparency and flexibility for staff.
  • Managers: Department heads and other mid-level managers use Smart Square to efficiently align staffing to volume trends to ensure optimal coverage. Managers can also leverage Smart Square’s robust analytics for deeper insights into productivity, overtime expenses, and other key metrics to inform better decision-making.
  • Executives: C-suite leaders and top administrators use the rich predictive analytics and reporting functionality to forecast patient demand and truly optimize systemwide resource allocation through data-driven staff planning.

By providing each level of employee customized tools and insights into the staffing process, Smart Square creates a streamlined, collaborative workforce environment focused on enhanced patient experiences.

SSM Smart Square Login

Follow these simple steps to access the powerful features of Smart Square:

  1. Go to the SSM Smart Square login page at:
  2. Click on “MyChart” in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. You will be prompted to enter your login ID and password. If you have not already registered, click “Sign Up” and follow the instructions to create an account.
  4. Upon successful login, you will be directed to the main Smart Square portal customized to your access level.

If you happen to forget your password, you can easily reset it through the “Forgot your password?” link on the login page. This will direct you to the password support page where you can enter your login email to initiate a reset.

Additionally, the URL link provided above is unique for SSM Health’s instance of Smart Square. If you are unaware of the specific web address, please check with your network administrator or Smart Square power user for assistance.


Accessing Smart Square on Mobile Devices

The convenience of Smart Square extends to mobile access as well, allowing staff to manage schedules and punch in/out remotely. Follow these guidelines for your device:


  1. From your homepage, go to the menu at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select “Share”.
  3. Swipe right to “Add to Home Screen” or tap the plus (+) icon.
  4. Click “Add” on the next page.


  1. Save the Smart Square web page to bookmarks in the internet browser.
  2. For Chrome: Tap the star icon to the right of the URL bar or three horizontal lines to create a bookmark.
  3. From the “Add to” drop-down menu, select “Home screen”.

You now have an icon for quick access right from your mobile device! Please contact an SSM Smart Square power user or your network administrator if you need help with the website URL.

Key Capabilities Offered by Smart Square

Now that you know the basics of accessing the platform, let’s explore some of the key features and functionalities central to effectively managing your healthcare organization’s workforce:


Enhanced Scheduling

  • Cyclic Shift Scheduling – Set schedules based on regular staffing demand patterns.
  • Self-Scheduling – Employees can manage their own shifts.
  • On-Call Scheduling – Simplified tracking of contingency staff.
  • Open Shift Management – Tools to efficiently fill vacant shifts.
  • Rapid Shift Recruiting – Quickly post and fill last-minute openings.

Granular Time Tracking

  • Automated Punch In/Out – Convenient mobile payroll management.
  • Productivity Tracking – Monitor worked hours versus allocated hours.
  • Overtime Analysis – Identify trends in extra hourly costs.
  • Exceptions Flagging – Surface potential payroll errors and missed punches for prompt intervention.

Robust Reporting & Analytics

  • Customizable Dashboards – Real-time visualization of critical workforce KPIs
  • Scheduling Analytics – Forecast trends to optimize staff planning
  • Productivity Analytics – Uncover opportunities to improve efficiency
  • Financial Analytics – Model overtime expenses and impact of shift adjustments

And much more! With customizable access permissions and modular tools, Smart Square can adapt to the scheduling technology requirements of just about any healthcare organization.

Partnering with Avanta for Success

Avanta, founded in 2003, is an innovator in cloud-based healthcare workforce management solutions ranging from automated scheduling software to cutting edge staffing intelligence leveraging predictive analytics and AI. By partnering with Avanta to deploy Smart Square across its hospitals and clinics, SSM Health unlocked game-changing technologies to take its staffing processes to the next level in efficiency and insight.


In Summary – Key Takeaways about SSM Health Smart Square

To recap the key details around this pivotal workforce optimization platform:

  • Cloud-based scheduling, productivity tracking, and analytical software.
  • Used across SSM Health’s network of facilities throughout the Midwest.
  • Enables all employees to simplify and improve staff planning.
  • Accessible via a web browser or mobile app.
  • Offers advanced scheduling coordination, time management, and data analytics.
  • Created by Avanta, the leader in healthcare workforce technology.

SSM Health is committed to providing exceptional care aided by innovative technologies. With Smart Square powering streamlined staffing operations behind the scenes, clinicians and managers can further focus their efforts on delivering excellent and efficient patient experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions about SSM Health Smart Square

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about features and use cases of the platform:

  • What types of positions use SSM Health Smart Square for scheduling?

Smart Square can facilitate scheduling for all clinical and non-clinical roles including physicians, nurses, medical assistants, patient access staff, hospital administration personnel, facilities management, food services, environmental services, and more.

  • Does the mobile app have full Smart Square functionality?

While optimized for convenience, the Smart Square mobile application does not replicate all capabilities of the web-based portal. However, all employees can easily view schedules, punch in/out for shifts, make shift requests, and receive notifications.

  • Can contingent workers access Smart Square?

Yes. Managers have the ability within Smart Square to create special designations for per diem, PRN and other temporary staff. These personnel can be granted permission to pick up open shifts while preventing access to features like accrual balance tracking.

  • What happens if I pick up or trade a shift without manager’s approval?

While Smart Square does enable enhanced self-management of schedules through shift swapping and shift bidding, all schedule adjustments still require manager approval. The system will flag unapproved changes for prompt manager review.

  • Does Smart Square integrate with payroll and HRIS systems?

One of Smart Square’s strengths is its ability to integrate with common healthcare IT infrastructure, including HRIS, payroll and ERP systems. This allows seamless data sharing across platforms. Implementation teams work closely with hospital IT staff.

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We hope this guide provided you with a helpful overview explaining what SSM Health Smart Square is, its use cases, and its features.

The next time you log in to the portal, you can explore its robust functionality with greater clarity into the larger context of how Smart Square benefits workflow optimization and data-driven staff planning across all hospitals and departments.

If after reviewing the capabilities outlined, you find certain tools would further aid your day-to-day efforts coordinating teams or managing schedules, please connect with a Smart Square power user, or system administrator or contact Avanta support for guidance tailoring experiences specifically to your needs.

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