SSM Health Smart Square Login

SSM Health Smart Square Login – Smart Square is a software particularly designed for healthcare professionals with entirely automated features such as SSM smart square scheduling, staffing, planning, deployment, and reports of the entire process from start to end.

Using Smart Square, you will be able to create unbiased and fair schedules, which can be made by implanting industry rules that will assurance equality and counterpart resources with the patient’s requirements.

Develop hands-on and planned staffing plans, which are wanted for being ahead in the competition as the software will support precise forecast supplies.

SSM Health Smart Square Login

SSM Health Smart Square Login

The SSM Smart Square login web portal styles scheduling functionality simple for healthcare professionals, and SSM healthcare uses Smart Square to make its labor management more relaxed and smarter.

Therefore, if you have no idea how you can access your SSM Smart Square login Account, here are the steps to log in or even forgot your password.

If you want to know more about SSM Smart Square Login at then read this article carefully.

What are SSM Health Smart Square Login Requirements?

  • You need to SSM Smart Square Login Web Address.
  • You need to have an SSM Smart Square login valid Login ID and Password.
  • Internet Browser.
  • A PC Laptop or Smartphone or Tablet with Dependable internet access.

What is the Process of SSM Health Smart Square Login? 

Please, you need to follow these below simple steps to successfully access your SSM Health Smart Square Login account:

  • First, you need to go to the SSM Smart Square login official site at
  • After that, you simply have to enter your Login ID and Password into the provided empty field.
  • After that, you need to click on the Login option to access your SSM Smart Square account.

How can you Reset your SSM Smart Square Login Password?

You simply have to follow these simple steps to effectively reset your SSM Smart Square login Password:

  • First, you need to go to the SSM Smart Square login official site at
  • After that, you simply have to hit on the “Forgot Password?” link as shown in the above screenshot.
  • Then, simply enter your Login ID and Email Address into the provided empty field.
  • After that, you simply have to click on the Send Email button and follow the instruction to reset your password.

How can you Access SSM Smart Square on Mobile phones?

You will be able to access Smart Square on the homepage of your mobile device. Let’s check out how: 

For Android users:

  • You simply have to add Smart Square to your mobile phone browser.
  • Simply Tab on the ‘Create bookmark’ icon.
  • After that, simply click on the ‘drop-down menu on the ‘Add to’ option.
  • Now, you need to click ‘Home screen,’ and there you visit! It will now be added to your home screen.

For iPhone users: 

  • First, you need to visit the ‘Menu’ at the bottom of the screen and simply select “Share”
  • After that, simply scroll to the right and look for “Add to home screen” Or a Plus (+) sign and simply click “Add” on the next screen.

Remember don’t forget to contact your Smart Square System Administrator for SSM’s Smart Square link if you are not aware of it, as every corporation has its unique website link. 

Here are Some SSM Smart Square Key Features:

  • Time Management: It protects your time for all healthcare management by making the process earlier and less messy. Smart Square contains a model that supports scheduled shifts 120 days before the shift, which supports SSM healthcare stopping last-minute staff hunting and increasing contingent resources’ accessibility. 
  • Improves scheduling: Smart Square covers all types of scheduling, on-call scheduling, and open shift management, be it cyclic shift scheduling, self-scheduling, or fast shift recruiting.
  • Transparency: One can view everything on this tool linked to the hospital, department, and facilities and the accessibility of the staff or reschedules so that any problem or changes can be fixed easily. 
  • Dashboards: Offers different kinds of dashboards to watch the functions more accurately.
  • It approves viewing of key metrics to track against goals.
  • SSM Smart Square offers pie charts, graphs, bars, and tables to appreciate the analytics better. 
  • It allows the managers to assess the performances and outcomes and give overtime or develop answers based on that.
  • Seeing the hours worked and productivity and cost evaluation, respectively.
  • It can be opened from anywhere. 

SSM Smart Square Contact Information

Well, the following are the SSM Smart Square contact specifics, and these are what might help you to solve all your problems and problems as soon as possible. Now, Let us go through and select the way to contact you without making any second thoughts.

FAQs on SSM Health Smart Square Login:

  • What is Smart Square?

Smart Square is a web-based recruitment, and scheduling tool healthcare professionals use to lessen the staffing burden. 

  • Why SSM Smart square?

SSM Health is a non-profit system with nearly 40,000 workers and about 11,000 providers serving various health requirements. With this enormous number, labor management can be problematic if not for Smart Square. 

  • Who can use Smart Square?

All the employees of SSM Healthcare can use this tool at all levels.

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