Why Are Natural Medicines Better Than Pharmaceutical Drugs


First of all, you need to understand that we are not natural medicine nuts here, but try to stick to non-medicine healthcare methods. Pharmaceutical drugs save lives and there are innumerable cases in which you should and in which you must use pharmaceutical drugs. However, there are just as many cases in which natural medicines and supplements can do the trick without putting your health in danger. Here, we would like to discuss the advantages of natural remedies and medicines over pharmaceutical drugs.


Natural Medicines Are Toxin & Poison Free

First of all, you need to understand that all of the pharmaceutical drugs are, in essence, toxins, poisons that have been designed and developed to interfere with certain processes in the body and to attack various micro-organisms. You will often hear cynics talking about how pharmaceutical drugs are approved and put out on the market as long as their benefits outweigh the dangers by at least a margin. The problem is that this is true. Most pharmaceutical drugs are approved before they have been REALLY properly tested which is why so many pharmaceutical drugs are withdrawn from the market after some time.

Natural Medicines Have Been Used For Centuries

On the other hand, natural remedies have been used for centuries, in many cases for millennia and they have been tested and tried by millions of people before you give them a go. In addition to this, most natural remedies simply help your body do what it does best – defend itself. Instead of introducing toxins and various potentially harmful synthetic compounds, you introduce tonics to your body, tonics in the sense of the word that they are natural, that they work in harmony with your own body and in sense that they encourage your body to fight back.

Natural Medicines Have No Side Effects

We also have to mention the side effects and possible complications that are inevitably associated with all drugs on the market. Even the most common medications, like for instance aspirin can have dire consequences on your body. For example, if aspirin is taken for too long and in too large doses, it can lead to ulcers. And this is just the most mundane of examples, with more potent medications posing even greater dangers for your health. As opposed to these, natural remedies, or at least the vast majority of these do not cause any side effects and do not pose any danger to your health whatsoever, like for instance healing properties of Aloe Vera gels. They can be enjoyed for years without any harmful effects and you can only benefit from them.


Finally, one needs to understand that we all live in a certain balance or imbalance with the nature. This is a scientific fact. Western medicine has moved away from this balance and it only sees the body and the human individual as a collection of organs, processes and symptoms. This is why western medicine and pharmaceutical drugs only bandage the conditions while natural remedies heal the body and the mind. The sooner you understand this, the sooner you can start healing your body and mind and that is what it is all about.


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