Planet Fitness Free Day Pass and Guest Pass in 2024


Planet Fitness has over 2,300 locations across the United States providing an affordable, accessible fitness environment. As the nation’s largest chain of fitness centers, they aim to create a welcoming environment for all types of people at every fitness level.


Before committing to a Planet Fitness membership, you can take them up on free trial workout offers. Read on to understand all the available options to experience Planet Fitness on a no-cost basis.

Planet Fitness Free Day Pass and Guest Pass in 2024

Planet Fitness Free Day Pass


How To Get a Planet Fitness Free Day Pass Trial?

Planet Fitness allows anyone to sign up independently for a free 1-day trial pass to test out their gym facilities. Here are the specific steps to secure your no-obligation workout:

First Download the Official App & Then Grab Your Day Pass to Planet Fitness Here

  • Visit the Planet Fitness website and enter your location.
  • Select the “Get Your Free Pass” option on your local gym’s location page.
  • Provide basic contact information including your name, email address, and phone number.
  • Consent to Planet Fitness’ terms and conditions for the free pass.
  • Bring your confirmation email and photo ID to the gym location.
  • Take the required tour of the gym before your first exercise session.

You can leverage the 1-day trial to determine if Planet Fitness offers the amenities, equipment, atmosphere, and affordability you need in a fitness center.

Planet Fitness Free Trial Pass Policies

Planet Fitness does enforce certain rules around accessing their free 1-day passes:

  • You must be 18 years or older (or 13-17 with parent/guardian).
  • A valid photo ID is required to verify identity.
  • Only one free trial is allowed per person every 90 days.
  • The free pass cannot be combined with any other promotional offers.
  • All first-time visitors must take a gym tour before working out.

Subject to those terms, the trial grants you full access to experience their fitness center. If you choose to join at the end, they offer low $10/month memberships complete with a 12-month commitment.

Getting a Guest Pass from a Black Card Member

In addition to free trials, existing Planet Fitness Black Card members can provide free guest passes. These allow friends and family to accompany the member for a gym session.

Here’s a summary of how their guest pass program functions:

  • Black Card members can secure guest passes for 1 person per day through the mobile app
  • Guests must register online when invited to obtain the single-use digital pass
  • No restrictions exist on the number of times a person can visit as someone’s guest
  • Guests must physically enter the location with the member who secured the pass
  • Passes grant full gym access except for Black Card premium amenities

Connecting with current members is a seamless way to experience Planet Fitness at no cost.

Does Planet Fitness Have Paid Day Passes?

Planet Fitness does not offer paid day passes for either members or non-members to access their gyms. They focus exclusively on traditional monthly membership plans combined with the free trial and guest passes.

If you’re seeking single-use paid workout vouchers look for options at local full-service gyms or ClassPass. Otherwise, leverage the Planet Fitness free avenues to avoid any type of daily fee.

Does Planet Fitness Have Weekly Passes?

Planet Fitness also does not provide weekly gym passes. The only current pass products they offer are the free 1-day trials recurring every 90 days and unlimited Black Card member guest passes.

So if you want to work at Planet Fitness it will mean committing to at least a monthly membership. Consider taking them up on a free trial or guest pass to evaluate the experience before purchasing.


Free Trial vs Guest Pass – What’s the Difference?

Free Trial Guest Pass
Who Can Get It Any individual 18+. Visit to sign up Existing Black Card member’s friends/family
How to Get It Select “Get Free Pass” on the location site and input contacts Member sends invite through a mobile app
Availability One 1-day pass per person every 90 days One guest per member daily
Requirements Valid photo ID mandatory. Tour first session Check in with members. Photo ID to verify
Perks Access Full gym access Full access without Black Card perks
Cost Free Free
Can Repeat Every 90 days Unlimited visits when with a member

The core difference comes down to existing membership prerequisites. Free trial passes are fully independent while guest passes rely on member coordination. Review both routes to decide which provides the easiest free Planet Fitness entry.

FAQs on Planet Fitness Free Day Pass

  • Who Can Get a Free Trial Pass?

Anyone 18 years or older can sign up online for a trial every 90 days. Teens ages 13-17 can access with a parent/guardian.

  • How Many Guests Can a Member Bring?

Black Card members can secure a 1-day guest pass for 1 friend/family member daily through the app.

  • What’s Needed for a Free Trial?

You must bring your confirmation email and valid photo ID to start the required tour and then work out on a trial.

  • Is a Membership Required for a Guest Pass?

Yes, only current Black Card members can generate free guest passes.

  • Can I Repeat a Free Trial Pass?

Yes, you can complete a new free 1-day trial every 90 days at each location.

  • How Long Do Free Trials Last?

Planet Fitness free trials are exactly 1 day in length. You’ll need to return on another to continue.

  • How Do Teens Access Free Trials?

Teens aged 13-17 can register for a free trial with accompaniment by a parent/guardian.

  • Can I Get a Free Trial Without ID Verification?

No, a valid government-issued photo ID must be presented to start trials per company policy.

  • Do Guest Passes Have Visit Limits?

No, guest passes grant unlimited free visits when entering the gym with the hosting member.

  • Where Can Guest Passes Be Secured?

Only current Black Card members can generate 1-day guest passes through the Planet Fitness mobile app.

Also Check:


  • Planet Fitness offers free 1-day trials every 90 days for adults seeking an independent workout experience.
  • Black Card members can share unlimited free guest passes for friends/family to accompany them.
  • Free trials have no ongoing commitments while guest passes require coordination.
  • Both options are great avenues to test out the Judgment Free Zone risk-free.
  • Review all fine print details before visiting to avoid needless issues.

Take advantage of the opportunities to try Planet Fitness at no cost. Experience their gyms first-hand by securing a pass to determine if the environment and amenities meet your fitness requirements.

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