Club Pilates Prices List 2024: Club Pilates Membership Cost?


Club Pilates is one of the fastest-growing Pilates studio chains in the United States, with over 600 locations across the country.


As the demand for boutique fitness experiences continues to rise, many people are considering Club Pilates for their workout needs.

However, with varying membership options and pricing structures, it can be difficult to determine exactly what Club Pilates classes cost and what the best membership might be.

Club Pilates Prices List 2024

Club Pilates Prices


This comprehensive guide covers all the pricing details and membership plans Club Pilates has to offer in 2024.


Whether you’re considering joining your local studio or are simply curious about costs, this overview will provide clarity on what to expect.

An Introduction to Club Pilates

Founded in 2007 in San Diego, California, Club Pilates has pioneered the group Reformer Pilates concept. To make Pilates more affordable and approachable, Club Pilates offers a range of class types and membership options tailored to different needs and budgets.

Led by certified Pilates instructors, classes focus on building core strength, flexibility, and balance through controlled movements both on and off the specialized Pilates reformer equipment.

In addition to group classes, private training and Duets (semi-private sessions) are also offered.

With a classically designed Pilates workout paired with an uplifting environment, Club Pilates provides an accessible and empowering fitness experience.


Overview of Club Pilates Prices and Memberships

Club Pilates offers a variety of pricing structures, ranging from drop-in classes and class packages to monthly memberships. Prices can vary depending on your location, with major metros like Los Angeles and New York City at the higher end. However, the pricing below offers general ranges for what to expect:

  • Single Drop-In Class: $30-$40
  • 4-Class Pack: $135-$150
  • 8-Class Pack: $240-$270
  • Monthly Unlimited Memberships: $159-$279

Along with standard memberships covered in the pricing above, Club Pilates also offers teacher, military, student, and senior discounts of 10-15% off select membership types.

Now let’s explore Club Pilates pricing and memberships more in-depth.

Detailed Breakdown of Club Pilates Membership Plans and Pricing

Club Pilates offers a range of membership packages to suit different budgets and commitment levels. Here is a detailed overview of what each membership includes, along with approximate pricing.

Single Class Drop-Ins

Pay per class and book any class that works with your schedule. Perfect for trying Club Pilates for the first time or supplementing a package membership.

  • Price: $30-$40 per class

Class Packages

Class packages allow you to prepay for a set number of classes at a slight discount compared to paying drop-in rates. Unused classes expire 12-24 months after the date of purchase, depending on location.

Here are the class package options available:

  • 4 Classes: $135-$150
  • 8 Classes: $240-$270
  • 10 Classes: $299-$330
  • 20 Classes: $550-$600

Monthly Memberships

Monthly memberships give you unlimited access to regular group classes every month. Recurring monthly payments are required until the membership is canceled. Options range from 8 classes per month to unlimited depending on your frequency needs.

  • Basic Monthly (8 Classes Per Month): $159-$189
  • Plus Unlimited Monthly: $229-$259
  • Premium Unlimited Monthly: $259-$299
  • Elite Unlimited Monthly: $279-$319

The more expensive membership plans give you access to more advanced classes like TRX and Barre as well as other potential perks like free guest passes, unlimited friends & family workouts, retail discounts, and priority booking.

Availability of various membership levels and special member benefits varies by location.


Key Things to Note About Club Pilates Membership Plans

  • Longer commitment memberships (6-12 months) offer the lowest monthly payment but require a bigger upfront investment
  • Month-to-month memberships offer the flexibility to cancel anytime but the monthly costs are higher
  • Memberships can be used at any Club Pilates location nationwide
  • Membership freeze options are available for travel, injury, etc.

What Does “Unlimited” Membership Give You?

When looking at the different Club Pilates memberships available, you may be wondering what “unlimited classes” actually provide access to. Here is a breakdown:

  • Attend any number of regular Classic or Reformer group classes.
  • Depending on membership level, unlimited could also include specialty classes like Cardio Sculpt, TRX, Barre, etc.
  • Access to nationwide Club Pilates studio locations.
  • Ability to book classes online up to 7 days in advance.
  • Option to place yourself on a waitlist for full classes.
  • Invite friends and family to a certain number of complimentary classes, depending on membership.

Unlimited refers specifically to regularly scheduled group classes on the calendar at your home Club Pilates studio. Additional services like duet sessions, private training, workshops, or events would require purchasing separate add-ons.

What Does Club Pilates Offer Besides Group Classes?

In addition to group Reformer and apparatus classes, many Club Pilates locations also offer:

  • Private training sessions – One-on-one personalized attention tailored to your unique goals and needs
  • Duet sessions – Semi-private training for you and a friend, partner, or family member
  • Specialty workshops – Topic-focused sessions like injury prevention, athletic conditioning, pre/post-natal, etc.
  • Teacher Training Programs – Comprehensive instructor certifications to teach Pilates professionally

Pricing starts at around $100 per hour for privates and duets, while specialty workshops can range from $25-$150 depending on duration. Teacher training programs spana  6-12 month period costing between $3,500-$5,000 total.

If you are looking for a personalized experience focused on tackling specific orthopedic/health issues or are interested in becoming an instructor, be sure to inquire with your local studio about additional service offerings in these areas.


Should I Choose Club Pilates or a Local Studio?

With the rise in popularity of Pilates over the past decade, most cities now have an abundance of Pilates studio options, ranging from large fitness franchises to small private establishments.

So how do you decide between going with Club Pilates vs. a local independent studio?

Here is an overview of some key pros and cons to consider when making your decision:

Club Pilates Pros and Cons:


  • Nationwide studio network – workouts while traveling
  • Standardized instructor training
  • Latest reformer equipment
  • Digital booking & tracking features
  • Special membership perks & retail discounts


  • Classes can be crowded in peak times
  • More expensive membership rates
  • Less personalized attention
  • Instructors vary in quality

Local Studio


  • Smaller class sizes
  • Customized workouts
  • Get to know instructors well
  • Boutique experience
  • Lower membership rates


  • Limited class times/offerings
  • Access only to one location
  • Older or faulty equipment
  • Few to no membership perks

As you can see, there are good arguments to be made for choosing either a recognized fitness brand like Club Pilates or going the independent studio route.

Before committing, take advantage of intro offers and free classes so you can experience each type of studio and see which environment and program resonates most.


The Best Club Pilates Membership Deals & Discounts

While Club Pilates offers excellent facilities and instruction, the memberships can get quite pricey, especially for unlimited high-tier plans. Here are a few tips and tricks to help cut down on costs:

  • Buy Class Packages – More affordable to buy classes in bulk rather than pay month-to-month
  • Pay Upfront–  Pay for 6-12 months at once to get 10-20% off total cost
  • Off-Peak Membership – Pay lower monthly fees by committing to only attend off-peak times
  • Partner Up – Split costs by purchasing a Duet membership to attend together
  • Student & Military Discounts – Provide proof of eligibility for 10-15% discount
  • Friends & Family Promo – Some studios offer deals for joining with friends
  • Credit Card Perks – Check for targeted promos on payment platforms like ClassPass
  • Seasonal Sales – Look for Black Friday, New Years, and Back to School deals

Finding ways to trim down the standard pricing helps make boutique studio fitness more affordable long-term. Hopefully, these Club Pilates discounts and tips offer some budget-friendly membership ideas to consider.

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The Bottom Line on Club Pilates Prices and Memberships

Club Pilates fills an important gap in the fitness industry by offering approachable Pilates instruction in a contemporary, small-group setting.

With certified instructors guiding your workout on customized reformer machines, it facilitates noticeable posture and strength improvements that are hard to replicate elsewhere.


Despite the proven benefits, however, Club Pilates is still an investment requiring careful evaluation of what membership plan works for your frequency needs, experience level, and budget requirements.

Hopefully, this complete overview gives you clarity on what pricing and membership options make the most financial sense. Use this guide as a platform to have informed discussions with your local studio on what plan is right for you.

Commit to regular attendance to make the fees worthwhile. Here’s to many happy hours spent sculpting long, lean muscles on the reformer carriage this year!

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