Top 10 Best Gyms For Boxing Near Me in USA 2024


Boxing is one of the hottest fitness trends, offering an incredible full-body workout that burns calories and relieves stress. If you’re looking to throw some punches in a group class setting, you’re in luck – boutique boxing studios are popping up across the country.


We’ve compiled the definitive list of the 10 best boxing gyms and studios nationwide, from East to West Coast.

Top 10 Best Gyms For Boxing Near Me in USA 2024

Best Gyms For Boxing


Whether you’re a total beginner or a more experienced fighter, you’ll find world-class training, music-driven workouts, and innovative studio spaces at these popular spots.

Top 10 Gyms for Boxing Near Me:

01: Rumble Boxing

With locations in major cities like New York, San Francisco, and Chicago, Rumble Boxing delivers boxing-inspired, full-body conditioning classes set to hip hop music. Expect to burn up to 1,000 calories per session!


Key Features:

  • Interval training, HIIT, strength training
  • Nightclub-quality sound system
  • All fitness levels welcome

02: 9 Round Fitness

9 Round Fitness has over 700 locations across the country offering kickboxing-based workouts. The 30 minute classes feature 9 stations for a fast, fun workout you can squeeze in anytime. No need to sign up, just show up!

Key Features:

  • 30 minute classes
  • 9 stations per class
  • Kickboxing and strength focus
  • 700+ locations nationwide

03: CruBox

CruBox brings high-intensity interval training to boxing with heart-pumping classes in West Hollywood. Swear your way to a lean, mean physique with heavy bag work, shadowboxing, and more!

Key Features:

  • HIIT-style training
  • Classes focus on heavy bags, shadowboxing
  • Torches calories for hours post-workout

04: Equinox

The luxury gym Equinox offers over 45 types of boxing/martial arts classes at 100+ upscale locations. Expect innovative sessions fusing boxing, karate, jump rope, and more for a dynamic workout.

Key Features:

  • 45+ boxing/martial arts classes
  • Locations across the U.S.
  • Luxury gym experience
  • Variety of class styles

05: Shadowbox

Shadowbox New York fuses boxing with interval training and bodyweight exercises for an energizing workout. Their unique style also helps reduce stress through “meditative boxing.”

Key Features:

  • Meditative, stress-reducing
  • Boxing intervals plus bodyweight training
  • Builds muscle, burns calories

06: TITLE Boxing Club

With convenient class lengths and 187 locations nationally, TITLE Boxing Club makes it easy to fit quality boxing workouts into your schedule.


Key Features:

  • 30/40/60/75 minute class options
  • 187 locations across the U.S.
  • Convenient scheduling

07: BoxUnion

The innovative BoxUnion studio in Santa Monica has special shock-absorbing floors to reduce joint impact plus water-filled heavy bags for a safer, more comfortable workout.

Key Features:

  • Cushioned floors to reduce impact
  • Water-filled heavy bags go easy on hands/wrists
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Form/footwork classes available

08: New York Sports Clubs

With boxing and kickboxing classes like Cardio Kickboxing, Boxing Non-Contact, and Tapout FIT across East Coast locations, NYSC brings boxing variety.

Key Features:

  • Range of boxing/kickboxing classes
  • East Coast locations
  • Cardio Kickboxing
  • Tapout FIT

09: Overthrow Boxing

Develop fighter skills at this New York boxing gym with classes like Underground Boxing (shadowboxing, heavy bag) and Ring Work (moving like a pro boxer).

Key Features:

  • Shadowboxing and heavy bag classes
  • Non-contact “Ring Work” class
  • Build fundamental boxer techniques

10: Gloveworx

The sleek, modern Gloveworx facilities opening in NYC and California offer pro-athlete-led boxing classes capped at 5 students per instructor for personalized attention.

Key Features:

  • Led by pro athletes/boxing champs
  • 5 students per instructor maximum
  • State-of-the-art spaces/equipment
  • Locations in NYC and California


Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about boxing classes as a beginner.

  1. Do I need experience to take a boxing class?

No prior experience is required! Beginner classes focus on teaching fundamental punches, footwork, and skills at an introductory level. Come ready to sweat and be willing to learn.

  1. What should I wear to a boxing class?

Form-fitting athletic clothing like leggings, shorts, tee shirts, and tank tops is best for a full range of motion. Bring boxing or cross-training gloves + hand wraps to protect hands/wrists.

  1. Will I get hit or make actual contact during classes?

No! Boxing cardio classes emphasize form, footwork, punching bags, and shadowboxing without physical fighter-to-fighter contact for safety.

  1. Can boxing help me lose weight?

Yes! Boxing torches calories and fat through total-body movement. A 60 minute boxing workout can burn over 800 calories through intense cardio, strength training, and more.

  1. Is boxing or kickboxing better for beginners?

Both are beginner-friendly, so try both to see what you enjoy! Boxing focuses more on upper body punches, while kickboxing incorporates lower body kicks.

  1. Is boxing safe for women?

Absolutely! Boxing builds strength & confidence for all genders. Separate women’s classes may be available. Modify intensity/impact as needed.

  1. Can boxing classes relieve stress?

Hitting bags/pads delivers a huge rush of stress-busting endorphins! The intense focus required also clears mental clutter.

  1. What muscle groups does boxing work?

Punching engages shoulders, back, chest, arms, and core. Squats and lunges in footwork work legs/glutes. Expect a full-body workout!

  1. How many times a week should a beginner take boxing classes?

1-3 times per week is ideal at first. Listen to your body and build up endurance/stamina over time. Take rest days to prevent injury/fatigue.

  1. Will I get the “boxer physique” from classes?

Yes! Boxing sculpts a lean, muscular frame with broad shoulders, toned arms, a muscular back, a strong core, and lean legs.


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Ready to whip yourself into fighting shape with group boxing classes? With boutique studio options across the country offering high-energy, music-driven workouts focused on punching bags, intervals, strength training, and more, you’ll have a blast getting fit.

From Rumble Boxing and 9 Round to TITLE and Equinox, these 10 gyms provide best-in-class training for all levels.

Lace up those gloves and get ready to rumble your way toward health and fitness goals!


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