OrangeTheory Fitness Prices 2024 + Monthly Cost


Have you been searching for an intense, full-body workout that pushes your limits, torches calories, and keeps your metabolism fired up even after you leave the gym? Then it’s time you checked out Orange Theory Fitness (OTF).


With over 1,200 studios worldwide, OTF is one of the fastest-growing workout franchises today. Its science-backed approach delivers undeniably excellent results.

But before you grab your gear and sprint to your nearest OTF, it pays to understand the ins and outs of their pricing first so you can make the most out of your hard-earned money.

OrangeTheory Fitness Prices 2024 + Monthly Cost

OrangeTheory Fitness Prices


This comprehensive guide lays it all out.


A Quick Intro to Orange Theory Fitness

Founded in 2010 by Ellen Latham, Orange Theory Fitness offers one-hour group workout classes that stimulate EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption).

This means you’ll continue burning fat and calories even after your workout. It’s all thanks to OTF’s use of heart rate monitoring technology that pushes you to hit certain target zones.

  • Workouts combine endurance, strength, and power elements.
  • Certified personal trainers coach you throughout the session.
  • Caters to all fitness levels.
  • Over 1,200 studios across all 50 states and 23 countries.
  • Received numerous industry awards.

Now let’s dive into OTF’s pricing plans so you can save up while shredding pounds down.

OTF Membership Costs and Options

Orange Theory Fitness offers three main membership tiers:

  • Basic
  • Elite
  • Premier

The price range varies from studio to studio but expect to shell out an average of $60 to $280 monthly.


Here’s a comparison of what’s included in each one:

Membership Type Monthly Fee Key Perks
Basic $59 to $159 Unlimited classes at your home studio
Elite $109 to $159 Unlimited classes at any location + heart rate monitor rental + priority booking
Premier $159 to $279 Unlimited classes + heart rate monitor + early booking + discounts + 4 guest passes/month

While Premier naturally costs the most, your per class rate goes down significantly compared to being a Basic member or just buying individual sessions.

This makes Premier the better value if you plan to visit OTF frequently.

OrangeTheory Fitness Single Class Drop-In Rates

Don’t want the commitment of a monthly membership yet? No problem!

You can opt to pay per class via OTF’s drop-in rates:

  • $28 to $36 per class

This fee lets you enroll in any class on the schedule whenever you want, for that session only.

Drop-in spots are limited, though, so early booking is recommended. This option is ideal for trying out OTF first before fully diving in. We’ll tackle prepaid class packs next.

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck with Class Packages

For maximum savings and convenience without a monthly contract, Orange Theory sells prepaid class packs valid for months:

Class Pack # of Classes Validity Avg. Price
Single class 1 class $28 to $36
5-class 5 classes 60 days $115 to $135
10-class 10 classes 180 days $199 to $239
20-class 20 classes 365 days $359 to $439
30-class 30 classes 365 days $499 to $599

With multiple classes bundled into one discounted pack, this option helps you save money in the long run.

Class packs are shareable too! Split them with friends and family so they can give OTF a test drive.


OrangeTheory Offers a Free First Class

If you still aren’t sure whether OTF is right for your needs, take advantage of their free first workout. This lets potential new members experience the studio and training style risk-free before paying up.

You may also score this promo by referring friends who go on to purchase memberships. Both of you earn a free class for a successful referral.

Additional Orange Theory Fitness Perks and Discounts

Aside from the usual membership discounts, Orange Theory also offers:

  • Corporate discounts – check if your employer has existing tie-ups with OTF
  • Special promos – offered frequently, giving free extra classes or merch
  • Student and teacher discounts – show valid IDs to unlock lowered rates

The Different Workout Class Types and Pricing at OTF

Wondering what a typical Orange Theory group session looks like? The signature Orange 60 class intertwines cardio and strength training for 60 minutes by rotating you through various stations:

  • Treadmills 🏃🏽‍♀️
  • Rowing machines 🚣🏻‍♂️
  • Floor exercises 🏋🏽

But Orange Theory offers more class types than that to cater to your specific needs. Pricing is mostly even across the board.

Class Type Duration Description Price Per Class
Orange 60 60 minutes Signature full-body workout combo $28 to $32
Orange 45 45 minutes A shortened version of Orange 60 $24 to $28
Orange 90 90 minutes Extended Orange 60 $34 to $38
Tread and Shred 60 minutes Focus on treadmill and bodyweight training $28 to $32
ESP 60 minutes Breaks into Endurance, Strength, and Power sections $28 to $32
Pilates 60 minutes Low-impact flexibility training $28 to $32
Rowing 60 minutes Zero-impact cardio workout $28 to $32
Yoga 60 minutes Poses for strength and balance $28 to $32
Orange X 60 minutes Advanced athletic conditioning $28 to $32
Dance 60 minutes Fun rhythmic cardio $28 to $32

With so many options on the table, you’re bound to find a routine that fits your fitness objectives. Schedule them conveniently through your membership account.

And if you need extra guidance, Orange Theory’s certified coaches happily provide workout modifications and form corrections as needed.

Use This US State Breakdown to Find an OTF Studio Near You

Part of what makes OTF unique is the tight-knit, community environment fostered inside each studio. Use this handy pricing breakdown across all 50 states to find an ideal location close by:

State Single Class Rate Monthly Membership Fee Major Cities w/ OTF Locations
Alabama $28 to $36 $59 to $169 Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa
Alaska $28 to $36 $139 to $159 Anchorage
Arizona $28 to $36 $59 to $159 Chandler, Flagstaff, Gilbert, <br> Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Tucson
Arkansas $28 to $36 $59 to $159 Fayetteville, Little Rock
California $28 to $36 $59 to $279 Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, <br> Sacramento, San Jose, Oakland, <br> Fresno, Santa Barbara, Bakersfield, <br> Riverside, Anaheim, Irvine, Huntington Beach
And more…

You can easily locate OTF branches situated within most major US metropolitan hubs. Search “[your city] orange theory fitness” and their studio webpages with schedules should populate.

Branch websites also post updated membership prices and promos specific to them so keep watch.


Orange Theory 2G vs. 3G: Key Differences Explained

When booking Orange Theory sessions on your membership app, you’ll likely spot “2G” and “3G” labels. What sets both workout formats apart? Let’s compare:

Feature 2G Format 3G Format
# of People 24 max 36 max
# of Stations 2 groups switch between <br> floor and treads/rowers 3 groups rotate between floors, treads, <br> and rowers
Layout More room for floor exercises Accommodates more members with quicker rotations
Pricing Same pricing for both
Ideal For More personalized coaching Short wait times between stations

In essence:

  • 2G workouts cater to smaller classes allowing for more personal attention.
  • 3G workouts churn through more members thanks to increased equipment.

This makes 3G great if you dislike waiting around stations. But opt for more intimate 2G sessions if close guidance matters more. Regardless, expect the same excellent full-body torching!

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Give Your Body What It Deserves at Orange Theory

Dreading yet another lackluster gym session filled with boredom and zero results?


Break out of that rut by booking an Orange Theory Fitness workout instead.

With science-driven training tailored to your pace and goals, OTF practically guarantees you walk out feeling:

  • ✅ Satisfied
  • ✅ Accomplished
  • ✅ Motivated

So why waste any more time? Use our comprehensive pricing guide above to pick the ideal Orange Theory plan that fits your budget and needs. Unlock more energy, better health, and that toned physique you’ve been chasing down.

You deserve to feel your best. Let Orange Theory Fitness help take you there one sweaty stride at a time!