5 Options For Replacing Missing Teeth


The loss of a tooth can make anyone feel self-conscious. People lose teeth in different ways, including aging, tooth decay, poor nutrition, tooth abscesses, etc. This negatively affects your smile and undermines your self-confidence. This dental problem can be caused by gum disease, an accident, or a genetic disorder.


After the loss of a tooth, a gap is formed, which might have negative implications. For one, teeth around the gap might become crooked. In addition to your smile getting affected, resulting in low self-esteem, the remaining crooked teeth can make it hard to maintain great hygiene.And, failure to maintain hygiene and clean the remaining teeth might lead to a higher risk of tooth decay.

The first step is to find a qualified professional and undergo a consultation. Reach out to reputable clinics such as Molson Park Dental and get your situation evaluatedto determine the best replacement type.

No matter how you lost it, you will be relieved to know that there are medical solutions to replace your missing teeth. Here are a few suggestions to consider:

Replacing Missing Teeth



1. Get Dental Implants

The use of dental implants is relatively common today. Its high success rate has had more dentists recommending it. The implants look like natural teeth, providing a more permanent solution, most particularly if they’re cared for properly. Dental implants offer comfort as they get attached directly to the jaw and won’t move around compared to other options. The cost of implants can get quite pricey because of the long procedure it takes to install them.

Dental implants are strong and add convenience to mealtimes as they allow one to chew properly. A dental implant requires replacing your tooth root with metal screws, which can be a long process. It’s imperative to give the implant time to heal after it has been placed.

Usually,it takes a couple of months for theimplant to fuse with the jawbone. Once the implant has healed completely, a crown is placed on top. It’s very effective to use dental implants since they give patients a natural appearance. The procedure only targets the missing tooth area, so your remaining teeth are not affected.

If you need to use dentures, youwon’thave toworry as they can be attached to dental implants. It also helps that dental implant stability offers additional security, and dentures won’t move around, adding comfort and security.

2. Try An Implant-Supported Bridge

An implant-supported bridge implant is a viable option, especially if you’ve lost several teeth in a row. As opposed to dental implants, which replace each tooth one by one and are supported by crowns, an implant-supported bridge only supports the teeth at the two ends. The teeth in the middle are secured without screws and attached to a small titanium post embedded into the patient’s jaw.


If you cannot afford to replace every tooth with dental implants, this is an economical and practical alternative. They also look very natural once they are installed.

This procedure usually requires two surgeries, one to embed the implant to the jawbone and the other to place the bridge. It takes a couple of months for the process to be fully completed.

3. Receive a Tooth Supported Bridge

A tooth-supported bridge is a non-implant solution to replacing missing teeth. With this type of tooth replacement, your existing teeth are used to anchor the bridge.

The procedure is quite similar to an implant-supported bridge. However, instead of putting two implants into your teeth, the replacement teeth are held in place by a crown and are cemented in. Additionally, this procedure gives you a very natural-looking smile.

Tooth-supported bridges are quite common and because they are cemented onto the adjacent teeth. As such, you don’t need to remove them at night.


4. Acquire Removable Partial Dentures

Replacing missing teeth with this method is a more straightforward process. In contrast to a complete set of dentures, removable partial dentures are for patients with a few missing teeth. This means partial dentures are only used if you have some healthy teeth left.

Before getting partial dentures, the anatomy of your mouth will be considered. The dentist will also examine the remaining teeth and determine how they fit with the partial dentures. The cosmetic goals you intend achieve the end will play a big role in deciding the kind of partial dentures you get.

These types of dentures are cost-effective and snap into place. They can also be repaired and replaced easily. Partial dentures boost the chewing and speaking processes, making them functional. Applying removable partial dentures is also relatively simple since they only need metal clasps. Although partial dentures aren’t meant to be worn all the time, they still ensure that the remaining teeth stay put and don’t shift over time.

5. Purchase a Flipper

Flippers are temporary partial dentures that can be flipped in and out of position. It’s a prosthetic tooth option, and metal clasps are not required, and it’s not dependent on any of the remaining teeth. It may also be referred to as an acrylic removable partial denture.

Typically, it’s placed on the upper or lower surfaces of the mouth. An impression of your mouth is needed to create a customized flipper tooth.


The procedure is painless, cost-effective, and lighter than partial dentures. The application is simple because you just have to put it in your mouth.

Flippers can also be produced quickly by your dentist and are quite easy to manufacture. In fact, you might be able to get them that same day.

In addition to stabilizing your existing teeth, a flipper can also prevent them from shifting. Be sure to remove it before going to bed. It is a temporary solution while you look for a more permanent one.


All options mentioned are reliable and work well for replacing your missing teeth and cater from expensive to cost-effective. Regardless of how you lost your tooth, you can rest assured that there are permanent and temporary solutions available at your disposal.

These are only some of the options you can choose from when you want to replace missing teeth. Make an informed decision by consulting your dental professional about options that are available to you.


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