Pros and Cons of the Noom Coaching App


If you ever had one of those “mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fattest of them all?” moments, first of all, you’re not alone and second of all, the answer is “not you.” Most of us have insecurities about weight gain, and we get very conscious when it comes to diet plans since we know they’re really hard to stick to. Luckily, today is an advanced technological world that offers people diet applications to help them control their weight. We’re going to discuss the pros and cons of one of these applications called Noom, which many people have agreed on as one of the best applications for following a diet.


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Noom Coaching App


What Is Noom?

It’s an application designed by professional psychologists to help people with their weight problems. If you download the application, you will be asked a few questions first to know more about you, your current and ideal weight, your daily food intake, and your usual daily activity level. That helps the application decide the best plan for you to lose weight.

How It Works

It’s pretty much like any other application; you sign up and answer some questions. Then, you get an account. They offer you a 14-day trial period to test it before you start the real subscription, and you’re free to cancel at any point within those 14 days with no charges. You can also get to know the features of the application by searching for it on the internet. In addition, here in this article, there is a thorough breakdown of its features, reviews, pros, and cons to help you make up your mind about it. It’s worth knowing everything you can about any future investment, including applications like Noom.


applications like Noom


  • Noom stands out as one of the most effective applications in weight loss.
  • The idea of having a personal trainer to assist you in your hard weight-loss journey is an incentive people usually search for.
  • It is also a great time-saver since you manage everything on your phone.
  • The food-log database is so huge, which helps them choose a lot of options in their diet.
  • The application provides scientific articles about nutrition, assuring users that what they’re doing is effective.


  • The first thing that struck people was the subscription price; its minimal rate is 45$ a month, which is too expensive.
  • The idea that the trainers are only available from 9-5 isn’t practical for people with busy schedules. Others just prefer personal meetings, as they think they’re more convenient for them.

Although many people have talked about this application, some love it and others think it’s just not worth it. We cannot deny that a large number of people lost a lot of weight thanks to their commitment to this application. You, however, have the chance to find that out by yourself; you can use the 14-day trial and see if it matches your needs and if it’s worth paying this monthly subscription. It’s a personal experience for everyone; after all, these pros and cons can be different for you as well.

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