Who Can Take Omega 3 Fish Oil? Know Your Right Dosage!


Nutrients like magnesium and various vitamins often steal the spotlight when it comes to overall health and well-being—as they should.


However, there are quite a few nutrients with amazing potential and not the level of hype they should receive, one great example being Omega 3.

Who Can Take Omega 3 Fish Oil?

Who Can Take Omega 3 Fish Oil


Best available in concentrated forms as fish oil softgels or capsules, this nutrient plays a crucial role in maintaining good health…for all ages!

Omega 3 Fish Oil for Prenatal Health & Infants

What’s the earliest possible age you can take omega 3 fish oil? The fact is that omega 3 is beneficial for you before you’re even born!


Omega 3 fish oil is often recommended by experts as a beneficial nutrient during pregnancy, as it plays a vital role in fetal health.

There are several areas of pregnancy and fetal health in which omega 3 improves.

  • Cognitive Development

For years, health experts have been emphasizing the importance of EPA and DHA, the fatty acids in omega 3 fish oil, for expecting mothers. 

Children born to mothers who were regular about their consumption of fish oil supplements during pregnancy and the initial months of breastfeeding scored higher in a study of cognitive tests compared to children whose mothers did not consume these supplements.

Additionally, studies show that infants taking formulas with DHA excel in hand-eye coordination, attention span, and intelligence test scores. 

  • Good Physical Growth 

The addition of fish oil to the pregnancy diet is not only for your baby’s mental development but also physical.  Studies show that incorporating fish oil in the daily routine can help maintain infant weight within the womb, as well as ensure that future development is on track.

Babies are likely to meet their physical milestones without delay. Adding omega 3 to the diet of premature babies can likely bridge development gaps.

  • Lower Risk of Preterm Labor

While medical advancement is at a point where preterm labor can be managed and fetal fatality rates are significantly lower than they once were, it does affect development.

Therefore, obstetricians advise about diet and supplementation that ensures healthy pregnancy and full-term labor. One of the supplements in focus is omega 3, which can help decrease the likelihood of premature delivery.

In conclusion, omega 3 fish oil has a significant impact on babies’ health, starting from the earliest stages of development. It is crucial to ensure an adequate intake of these essential fatty acids for optimal growth.


Omega 3 Fish Oil for Children & Teenagers

Past adolescence, omega 3 fish oil continues to play an important role in physical and mental development. 

  • Improves Behavior & ADHD

Research shows that children with ADHD may have lower levels of omega 3s in their bodies. Studies exploring the use of fish oil supplements as a potential support for mental health in children showed promising results.

These supplements may reduce hyperactivity, improve behavior, and enhance attention in children under the age of 12.

  • Lowers Risk Of Diabetes

A small study involving children at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes showed that those who followed high omega 3 diets were less likely to develop the condition.

By regulating metabolism, fish oil can help maintain blood sugar levels to normal and may minimize the chance of diabetes.

  • Helps Manage Asthma 

Asthma is becoming increasingly common in children—and fish oil may also be effective against this health condition. The fatty acids in fish oil supplements have been found to reduce inflammation in the airways, thus improving respiratory health.

Studies show the advantage for individuals, both kids and teenagers, with asthma, as those who took fish oil supplements in a controlled experiment for 10 months experienced fewer symptoms compared to those who did not. 

Overall, it’s evident that your children’s diet should include fish oil. A safe, easily accessible, and convenient-to-take supplement, it can do wonders for their health!

Omega 3 Fish Oil for Young Adults

The post-teenage years are generally the healthiest of your life, but there’s always room to be healthier. It’s never too early to start thinking about your long-term well-being—and that’s where fish oil comes in!

  • Cardiovascular Health

Diet and supplementation habits in your younger years affect your heart health when you’re older. For a long time, health experts have given their mark of approval for a fatty fish-rich diet for cardiac health.


Fish oil supplements, derived from fatty fish, are a treasure of omega 3 fatty acids, EPA in particular, that provide this protection. Studies show that omega 3 in fish oil lowers the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 32%.

  • Mental Health

Omega 3 fatty acid DHA plays a vital role in brain development, as it makes up the gray matter of your brain that’s responsible for memory, learning, and decision-making amongst other functions.

Needless to say, omega 3 fish oil supplements can be ‘brain food’, increase health, and therefore help alleviate anxiety and depression. Researchers suggest one of the side effects of omega 3 deficiency is mental health problems, and taking fish oil supplements can make a significant difference.

No doubt incorporating omega 3 fish oil into your diet is taking charge of your long-term health!

Omega 3 Fish Oil For Adults & Elderly

Aging increases the likelihood of developing serious health conditions. The good news is that omega 3 fish oil has been shown to provide significant benefits for individuals in this age group. 

  • Cardiovascular Advantages

Omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil not only help prevent issues in healthy individuals but also reduce the risk of complications and death in those who already have heart disease.

EPA and DHA can promote a steady heart rhythm, lower triglycerides, improve blood flow, and even decrease the risk of stroke and heart attack-related death by 45% in individuals who have previously experienced a cardiac issue. 

  • Alleviates Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms

Several studies suggest that fish oil can help manage the pain and stiffness of rheumatoid arthritis. It’s especially effective if the supplement is taken at night. Fish oil is also beneficial in terms of osteoporosis. Research indicates that individuals who consume higher levels of fatty fish tend to have greater bone density.

  • Helps Manage Memory Problems

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are amongst the most common cognitive problems of aging. Luckily, studies show that diets rich in fatty fish may help prevent memory loss and lower the risk of dementia.

Although the potential of fish oil for Alzheimer’s is a developing area and more research is needed, it’s proven that omega 3 helps manage mild memory issues, especially when administered at the earliest stages possible. 


Going forward in your life, make sure to get your fill of omega 3 through fish oil. There are endless ways omega 3 can help an aging mind and body, addressing numerous health conditions with impressive results!

Verdict: Omega 3 Fish Oil For Everyone

The potential health benefits span across all age groups, from prenatal development to the golden years. Are you and other people in your home consuming an adequate amount of omega 3? 

According to experts, the answer is most likely no—most individuals don’t get their recommended fill of omega 3.

Researchers have discovered that practically everyone’s diet lacks omega 3 fatty acids. 

Hence, reintroducing this nutrient into your diet appears to offer a wide range of health benefits.


Essentially, you’re simply restoring the balance that should be there naturally!

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