6 Nail Care Tips for Naturally Beautiful and Strong Nails


One probably wouldn’t wish for anything better than having naturally beautiful and strong nails when it comes to the appearance of our hands. However, this might sound challenging to some, since not everyone is born with beautiful nails. Here are 6 nail care tips that will help you overcome the nightmare of having bad nails.



Nail Care Tips


1.  Limit your nails’ exposure to water

The more your nails are in contact with water, the weaker they get. The nails are known to be very soft, which makes them absorb water easily. That is why they tend to break faster if they are exposed to too much water. You need to make sure you dry them well after washing your hands. Additionally, if you are washing the dishes, try to wear gloves to protect your nails.

2. Keep your hand moisturized

Moisturizing has never been a bad idea. Apply some moisturizer to your hands and make sure that you work it into both cuticles and nails. Keep your nails moisturized at all times, especially after washing your hands or applying a hand sanitizer. In this case, any rubbing lotion or oil, such as coconut oil, will do.


3. Pamper your nails at the salon

Visiting the nail salon from time to time will definitely make your nails look better and healthier. According to https://bestnailsalonnear.me, nail technicians will definitely know more about your nails and how to take care of them accordingly. Being the experts that they are at what they do, they know how it’s done and how it differs from one person to another. So, give yourself a break from time to time to let someone take care of your nails for you and help you out.

4. Do not use harsh polish

Harsh polish is one of the things that you must avoid for stronger and more beautiful nails. They contain chemicals that are bad for your nails, such as toluene, dibutyl phthalate, dimethyl and diethyl phthalates, camphor, and formaldehyde. As a substitute, you can use water-based nail polish. They are known to last relatively less than harsh polish. However, they are more safe for your nails.

5. Add more protein to your diet plan

Your nails are made of a protein called keratin. Keratin is mainly responsible for the health of your nails. To boost keratin in your nails, try to add more protein-rich food in your diet. This will pretty much make your nails healthier.

6. Stay away from your cuticles

Your nail cuticles act as a seal to the base of the nail. That is why when you cut or remove your cuticles, you disturb the seal that is protecting your nail. Hence, your nails tend to get weaker and become more prone to bacteria and infection. Try to take care of your cuticles and make sure you do not cut or remove them.

Your nails are one of the things that need to be taken care of and have your attention. That is because it is a bummer when your nails break easily. Having naturally great nails is not a hard thing to achieve after all. All you need to do is take care of them and make sure you are applying the right kind of treatment to them.