How to Give CBD Oil to Your Beloved Dog?


Every pet owner has their own set of theories about CBD oil for animals, and it can be challenging to determine which ones are true.


According to studies, CBD helps dogs, cats, and other animals with anxiety, pain, seizures, cancer support, and inflammation. Contrary to humans, pets require certain amounts for CBD to be effective.

Although administering CBD to a pet may seem simple, it can occasionally be challenging, particularly for those who own… What do you call pets that are obstinate?

Here are some steps to take if you are looking to buy CBD oil for dogs with separation anxiety or any other health issues.

How to Give CBD Oil to Your Beloved Dog?



1. Mix with Pet Food

When coupled with moist food, canine CBD performs best. Starting with tiny doses is also a smart idea. If you don’t notice any benefits from your dog’s supplementation, it may be a good idea to gradually raise the CBD dosage. Consult a licensed veterinarian to learn the CBD dosage that is advised for your dog. Canines may not first enjoy the flavor of CBD, but they soon come to like it. After adding the CBD oil, allow the dish to rest before serving.

2. Include Canine CBD Oil in a Freeze-Dried Treat.

Most dogs’ favorite thing is treats, just after dinner! Treats are a great way to ensure that your dog consumes the right amount of CBD oil. Porous treats, like freeze-dried chicken breast, absorb the oil like a sponge and produce a delicious surprise that your dog will love.

3. Use the Dropper

Regular CBD oils are typically offered at exceptionally high potency for larger dogs and smaller pets. You must determine how much CBD in milligrams to provide (not the amount of oil since potencies vary). With CBD oil tinctures, you have a lot of control over dosage, and you may frequently use the same product on different pets by just changing the dose. Different CBD dosages will work best depending on your dog’s weight and the ailment you’re attempting to cure.

4. When Should CBD Be Given to Your Dog?

CBD can be administered under specific circumstances, such as before visiting the groomer or meeting a new dog. Depending on how bad your dog’s discomfort or seizures are, you should give him CBD oil every 8 to 12 hours for chronic diseases. As long as you can maintain consistency, you can pick whichever hour fits your schedule the best.

5. How Much CBD Can Dogs Receive?

Although there are some topical therapies, dogs are often given CBD chews, and it is important to use the right quantity. Success is entirely dependent on dosage, as it is with any medication.


Studies on CBD use for dogs with arthritis or seizures often utilize a dose of 2–8 mg/kg twice daily, with the majority of articles erring on the lower end of that roughly around 1-2 mg/lb of body weight.

This dosage has been discovered to be fairly safe and productive for the circumstances being examined. To determine the CBD dosages required for treating various disorders, more research is needed.


Dogs can benefit from using CBD oil as a natural, risk-free treatment for conditions like pain, anxiety, seizures, and more. Speak to your veterinarian if you’re thinking about administering CBD to your dog, and you might also want to meet with a vet who knows about CBD.

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