Strategies to Cope With Anxiety and Study Stress


Learning is usually a long and challenging process. Students need to cope with dozens of academic assignments, pass the exams, and have countless sleepless nights when learning hard. As a result, many of them suffer from severe study stress.


The good news is that you can reduce your anxiety and become more confident. In this post, you will find a list of proven ways to cope with anxiety and study stress easily and quickly.

Get Help When Needed

Having difficulties with studies is common for many learners. If you are one of them, it is important to get help when you can’t complete a particular academic assignment. You can ask the college professor for additional consultation or discuss your learning problems with your classmates. However, this tactic might appear to be ineffective. The reason is that your college mates might have the same issues as you do, while the college professors are often too busy to provide assistance to each student.

So, is there any chance to cope with your essays, reports, and other papers faster and easier? Sure! Many learners use services that provide professional academic writing help online. To find the most reputable and budget-friendly service, it might be good to read the reviews for using academic writing sites shared by other students. For example, you can explore a fresh speedypaper review to know more about writing sites. This is a unique opportunity to receive perfectly written papers, get excellent grades, and forget about study stress.

Begin Writing In Advance

Many academic assignments appear to be very tricky. These papers might look easy at the first glance, but you can face serious difficulties when you start writing. As a result, you are at risk of failing to meet the deadlines or composing a low-quality paper because of writing in a hurry. Getting a low grade for an academic assignment is one of the main reasons for study stress for many students.


To avoid this academic issue, it is better to start completing your homework right after receiving it. This easy trick will help you get more time in case your assignment turns out to be too difficult. Moreover, you will have extra hours to proofread and polish your academic papers before passing them to the professor.

Set Realistic Goals

Setting unrealistic goals is another common reason for stress. For example, you might want to complete a college term paper in a couple of hours or improve your knowledge of a particular foreign language in a few weeks. However, these goals are hardly possible to achieve. Consequently, students might start blaming themselves for low academic performance and failure to succeed in the needed fields.

To put it short, it is crucial to set up only realistic goals. Make sure it is possible to compass your purpose and that you have enough time for all your needs. This simple solution will help you avoid anxiety and significantly reduce study stress.

Don’t Panic

Sometimes students start panicking when receiving too complicated homework. If you are one of them, it is necessary to learn how to put your feelings under control. For these purposes, it might be good to split a big goal you need to achieve into several easy steps. Create a plan and schedule all your learning activities to cope with each task step by step. Splitting goals is one of the most effective ways to cope with even the most challenging assignments.

Have Enough Sleep

Many students combine learning and earning money. They fail to have enough sleep and might start suffering from chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and other serious conditions. If you would like to take care of your mental and physical well-being, it is vital to have enough sleep each day.


Not to mention, oversleeping on days off is not the best decision. It is important to have enough sleep on weekdays, too. This way, your brain will have an opportunity to keep all your body processes under control, stabilize your cardiovascular system, manage hormones, and avoid many psychological issues. Sleep is one of the most important things for our bodies, so avoid learning at night on a regular basis.

Choose Part-Time Jobs

To avoid study stress and anxiety, it is also better not to work too hard. The reason is that combining full-time work and effective studies is almost impossible since the pressure is too high for even the most energetic and hard-working learners. If you would like to earn more money or gain some practical experience before graduation, it is better to have a part-time job or become a volunteer.

To become calmer and more confident, don’t forget about your nutrition, too. Make sure your body receives enough vitamins and minerals to maintain your overall well-being. It is also necessary to have enough rest, go in for sports, and dedicate some time to your hobbies to feel happy and healthy.

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