Can chickens eat potatoes – Answered


Chickens eat various foods; as such, except the food is marked as hazardous for them, you can only inform them if they’ll eat a variety of food once you provide them. Chickens eat potatoes, yet not all kinds benefit your chickens. Besides, not all parts of some types are risk-free for eating.


Things To Consider When Providing Your Chickens Potatoes

Below are some things to consider when offering your chickens potatoes

Can Chickens Eat Dessert Potatoes?

Sweet potatoes aren’t just superfoods for people; you can also give them to your chickens. Besides, all parts of pleasant potatoes are secure for your chickens to eat– peels, stems, leaves, flesh, blossoms, etc.

Other than if your chicken breed naturally finds excellent potatoes unappealing, they will undoubtedly leap at it when you give them. Some industrial feeds also consist of sweet potatoes due to their advantages to your chickens. You can offer your chickens raw or cooked potatoes. Ensure you reduce them as much as possible to make consuming and swallowing easier.

White, yellow, as well as red potatoes.

These potatoes come from the nightshade family and include solanine, a chemical whose results are devastating when eaten in significant amounts. The impacts can range from breathing health problems to paralysis. As such, you must be careful when providing your chickens with white, yellow or red potatoes.


Even though steaming such potatoes decreases the quantity of solanine in them, the chemical can build up in the body to cause even more fatal concerns. Besides, not all parts of these potatoes are safe for your chickens.

The peels, skins, and eyes typically have the most significant down payments of contaminants, so you need to avoid giving your chickens those components to eat. Avoiding white, red, and yellow potatoes is a good idea. However, if you have to offer your chickens, ensure they are entirely ripe and well-cooked.

Chicken breed

While chickens are typically omnivores, they are choosy too. They may turn their noses at foods you expect them to eat. Before you continuously make potatoes in their deals, inspect if your chickens like them and aren’t allergic. For instance, if you notice that your chickens are ill after eating potatoes, you should not proceed with the treatment.


If your chickens like potatoes, avoid being attracted to make it their daily food. Potatoes are deals that shouldn’t be more than a tenth of their diet plan. Way too many potatoes can bring about excessive weight, heart problems, hypertension, enhanced blood sugar level, and so on. You should offer your chickens at most three servings of potatoes weekly.

Reasons Why You Must Give Your Potatoes

Potatoes are enriched with lots of nutrients. They include vitamins, potassium, iron, etc., which enhance your chickens’ health and efficiency. They’re also gluten-free. Below are a few factors you need to offer your chickens potatoes.


Metabolic rate

Potatoes include vitamin B6, which helps break down food into smaller bits that can be conveniently absorbed into the body. Doing this increases your chickens’ power and also efficiency. In addition, the fibre in potatoes aids in avoiding bowel irregularity and helps digestion, therefore keeping a healthy digestive system.


The numerous nutrients in potatoes boost your chickens’ immunity. Your chickens will not frequently fall ill. For example, quercetin is a flavonoid that safeguards your chickens from the damages brought on by free extreme cells and various other illnesses. At the same time, alpha-lipoic acid aids in preserving body tissues. Potatoes likewise include vitamin C, which helps deal with excellent.


Besides protecting against constipation and assisting food digestion, the fibre in potatoes helps in satiating your chickens. Naturally, chickens like eating, and they do so as often as feasible. If you don’t give them foods that please them swiftly, you’ll have to invest extra in food. Nevertheless, with potatoes and other rewarding treats, you only have to invest a little in feeding your chickens.

Bone health


An additional benefit of providing your chicken’s potatoes is improving their bone structure. Potatoes include minerals and also vitamins that develop bones. Such minerals consist of zinc, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, etc. With these potato nutrients, your chickens will obtain the bone structure and mineralization they need for proper efficiency.

Heart health

Chickens additionally struggle with heart issues such as cardiovascular disease, cardiac arrest, etc. Potatoes are improved with nutrients that enhance heart health. For example, potassium and the absence of cholesterol in potatoes help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The lack of cholesterol means your chickens will not become obese if you give them potatoes in modest amounts.


Potatoes are among the treats that have anti-inflammatory buildings. They contain nutrients that help reduce swelling and inflammation in the body. They likewise enhance muscle movement, fat absorption, and also the functions of cellular membranes and nerves.


Tips For Picking The Right Potatoes For Your Chickens

Either you prepare to offer your chickens raw or cooked potatoes. You must pick the appropriate ones. Offering the incorrect range of potatoes will undoubtedly eliminate your birds. Below are some suggestions for choosing the best potatoes.


Check all sides of the potatoes for cuts, blemishes, and so on. Bacteria pollute the potatoes with cuts and imperfections most times, thus bringing about degeneration. You have to cut such components away as they aren’t safe to eat. But if you want much more value for your money, get potatoes with no acne or cuts.


When getting potatoes, inspect how company it is. Press it to see if it’ll generate or not. If it does, such potatoes aren’t in good condition. Squishy or soft potatoes are starting to get negative, and also you need to get them if you want to serve them to your chickens quickly.


Sprouting or environment-friendly potatoes

Watch out for sprouts or environment-friendly shade on your potatoes. The green colour on your potatoes indicates that it’s not risk-free for eating. Potatoes typically come to green as a result of exposure to sunlight. A chemical called solanine triggers the environment-friendly shade.

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Solanine not only makes potatoes bitter but also triggers discomfort in the digestive system, respiratory concerns, etc. Also, dig out the sprouts( eyes) from your potatoes before you eat them and prepare them immediately.

Level of smoothness

Refrain from buying old and wrinkly potatoes. Wrinkles on potatoes suggest many points, from bacteria invasion to moisture loss. Great potatoes should be smooth throughout. If you have to purchase old and wrinkly potatoes, guarantee you know the root cause of the wrinkles. For example, potatoes with wrinkles caused by mishandling are safer to eat than those whose wrinkles are caused by inadequate storage techniques.


If you need to use all the potatoes you purchase when, shop for your potatoes in a dark, trendy place. Potatoes exposed to sunlight are no more secure for your chickens. Sunlight creates solanine which leads to gastrointestinal issues in your chickens. You can keep your potatoes in places such as closets, kitchen area cabinets, etc. Don’t put raw potatoes in the refrigerator to prevent a modification in taste.

How To Cook Potatoes For Your Chickens

Chickens like great mashed potatoes, so you can cook them before you provide them. Below is a guide on just how to prepare potatoes for your chickens.

Clean the potatoes

If you’re utilizing fresh potatoes, guarantee you wash them very well. Potatoes grow underground; therefore, little dirt sticks to them. However, with correct cleansing, you can remove the dust.

You are encouraged to prepare the potatoes with their skins on them as they are healthier. If you don’t want to experience the anxiety of washing your potatoes, you can choose frozen or dried potatoes. If you’re using icy potatoes, allow them to thaw before you cook them.


Cut into tiny sizes

Cut the potatoes into small sizes before you steam them. This guarantees they get done rapidly, conserving your time and gas. Also, eating the potatoes will be less complicated for your chickens if you do not mash them up. Cubed potatoes are much easier to mash, also.

Prepare over medium heat

Put the potatoes in a frying pan, substantial sufficient to include them. Use cold water for cooking and ensure the water covers the potatoes. The cold water helps the potatoes to cook evenly and rapidly. Don’t add salt, as chickens are susceptible to it.

Cook on medium heat to prevent your potatoes from shedding. Don’t cover the frying pan to ensure the potatoes will not transform squishy. After 15 minutes, examine to see if the potatoes hurt all through. Once they are, shut off the heat and drain pipes the potatoes.


Mash the potatoes

You can offer your chickens the cooked, cubed potatoes or mash them. You can use an electric beater or potato masher. Don’t add milk to your mashed potatoes since chickens are lactose-intolerant. Likewise, don’t overfeed your chickens with mashed potatoes. It can upset their digestive system.

Offer your chickens portions they can complete at once. If you need more time, you can provide the potatoes little by little till they terminate eating them. By doing this, they will not screw up their coop with potatoes. Likewise, cooked potatoes can last up to a day. Just cook the portion your chickens can finish in a day.

Two Cents

Chickens can eat potatoes. However, not all parts and types of potatoes are edible. For example, every part of pleasant potatoes is secure for consumption, while the eyes and skins of white, red, and yellow potatoes aren’t edible. As such, you must take care of the variety and amount of potatoes you give your chickens.


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