How To Get Pregnant With A Girl?


Want to know how to conceive a girl? Well, we do not have any scientific proof to back our claims. However, we do not think there is any harm in trying out those measures, right? In any case, we would like to make it clear that the chances of conceiving a baby boy or a baby girl are almost equal. But, if you are looking for information on how to get pregnant with a girl, let us go through the tips that may help you accomplish it.


How To Get Pregnant With A Girl?

Maybe you already have a baby boy and want to conceive a girl child. Or maybe you are fond of a girl child. There are several theories made to claims of influencing the chances of the best way to conceive a girl. Let us check out the quick tips to conceive a girl. Before we begin, let us make it clear that the gender of the child is determined by the sperm that fertilizes the egg. A sperm with X Chromosome gives birth to a baby girl, while that linked to Y Chromosome begets a baby boy. For the simplicity of discussion, let us call them boy sperm and girl sperm in our discussion.

How To Get Pregnant with a girl



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Tip 1 – The Shettles Method

The boy’s sperm swims faster but can stay alive for a shorter time span. On the contrary, girl sperm swims slower but can stay alive for longer periods.


Shettles method recommends following the ovulation calculator for baby girl. Having sex two to four days before ovulation will leave only girl sperm to fertilize the egg. That is because by the time ovulation occurs, the boy sperms have all died. However, you should also note that avoiding sex right at the time of ovulation can also nullify your chances of conceiving.

Tip 2 – Whelan Method

This is yet another scientific method that claims to have a 57 percent success rate in trying to conceive a girl. However, it is completely contradictory to the Shettles Method.

The Whelan method recommends having sex two to three days before ovulation. This option syncs well with the Shettles Method, but for a baby boy, it suggests having intercourse four to six days before ovulation, which is incomplete in contradiction to the above method.

Tip 3 – Sexual Positions

The above two methods have scientific backing, but may not be proved. The next couple of tips we provide do not have any kind of scientific evidence, however, we do not see any harm in trying the best way to conceive a baby girl.

Deep penetration during intercourse is said to aid in conceiving a boy. Avoiding deep penetration can help in conceiving a girl. The theory is based on the concept that forms the base of the above two methods. Ejaculating close to the cervix will aid boy sperm to reach the egg faster while avoiding deep penetration can make girl sperm accomplish its goal.


Tip 4 – Say No To Orgasm

Maybe you women will kill us for that. But, female orgasm is believed to release an alkaline secretion which is said to aid the boy sperm to swim faster.

If you avoid orgasm, you do not give such access to the boy sperm, thereby indirectly increasing the chances of the girl sperm reaching the egg. Though it could be something disheartening to you, it is said to increase the chances of having a girl.

Tip 5 – Have As much More Sex As Possible

A great suggestion, isn’t it? Get the best of both worlds! Attempt to have more sex.
Have sex near your conception time so that your partner’s sperm count is reduced. This will ensure that fast swimming boy sperm will not exist. If you are trying to have a baby girl, this can be your best option. However, you may end up with more boy sperms in your partner’s sperm count. In any case, having a lot of sex will help you get pregnant faster.

Tip 6 – Go Acidic

The acidic environment is said to be detrimental to the boy’s sperm. The best food for conceiving a baby girl would definitely be food full of acidic ingredients.

The best diet to conceive a girl would be as acidic in nature as possible. Eating acidic food will ensure that the pH of your vagina will turn acidic. This will make the girl sperm to reach the egg and stand a better chance of fertilizing it.


However, exercise caution as the acidic environment can be quite harmful to the bay -whether boy or girl. It would be advisable not to go overboard with the acidic food.

Tip 7 – Go Vegan

If you trying to find out what to eat to conceive a girl, we would suggest you go vegan. Fruit and vegetables are known to have positive chances of conceiving a girl. This may help you in how to get pregnant with a girl.

Spinach, Broccoli, nuts, and leafy vegetables are the best way to conceive a girl naturally. Make it a point to consume food high in calcium and magnesium.

Tip 8 – Time Your bath

There are theories to indicate that the boy sperms are averse to heat. We would advise you to have a warm bath just before having sex. Also, get your partner to get a warm bath.

The warm bath and the heat will weaken the boy’s sperm. Soaking in a hot bathtub will be helpful in avoiding the boy’s sperm from getting near the egg. Whether it works or not, where is the harm in having a good bath just before having sex?


And The Final Thoughts

Well, if you are someone longing for a baby girl, we hope that the above tips should form a helpful base. Except for a couple of them, the tips featured above should be helpful in more ways than just letting you conceive a baby girl. How to pregnant with a girl – if that is what you been thinking over, give a little thought to the tips outlined above and hope for successful completion of your mission.

In any case, do not forget that what finally matters is a healthy baby – whether a boy or a girl. Any of the tips featured in this article are proved by any scientific evidence. However, you can give them a try. There is no harm as you stand a chance to lose nothing. At least, you will have the relief that you tried. Rest all – leave it to God .. and nature!

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