How To Get Pregnant Fast


So you have decided to get pregnant. Okay, good decision indeed… How fast can you get pregnant is not as easy as it appears to be. You may need to follow a few tips to conceive faster. We have listed out a couple of ways you can find how to get pregnant fast.


How To Get Pregnant Fast following the Expert Tips?

Follow the tips we have compiled here for the best advice on how to get pregnant fast. These tips have been listed after consultation with experts in the fraternity.

how to get pregnant fast


Tip 1 – Leave out the Birth Control Measures well in advance

If you are taking those birth control measures, get rid of them well in advance. Leaving the pills just a few days before trying for pregnancy may not be a good option.

If you want to get pregnant fast, stop using the contraceptives ahead of time. Your body will take a little time to get back to its normalcy. Moreover, you can calculate your ovulation timings accurately if you stop the use of contraceptives. Do remember that there are no pills to get pregnant fast.


Yes, once you leave your contraceptives – you can get pregnant anytime. Stay on to know easy ways to get pregnant fast.

Tip 2 – Check Out your Fertile Days

Having sex at the right time is the key to get pregnant fast. No matter how active your sex life is, if you do not hit it on the right days – you may not be able to get it right.

Know exactly when you ovulate. That goes a long way in deciding how to get pregnant fast and easy. You ovulate only once a month. Getting to know exactly when you ovulate will help you and your partner to plan the intercourse accordingly. This may help you get the chance of conceiving in the same cycle.

You can use the OPKs or Ovulation Predictor Kits to determine your exact ovulation time. However, if you have irregular cycles, it may be a little difficult to get to know the exact ovulation date. A standard calculation would be to subtract 14 from the length of your regular cycle.

Tip 3 – Hit the Bed Before You Ovulate

Your egg will last just a couple of days once you have ovulated. While sperm can stay in your uterus or somewhere around for a couple of days. Having sex a couple of days before you ovulate ensures that there are sperms to meet with your egg when you ovulate.


Supposing your regular period’s cycle is 28 days, you would ovulate on day 14. Follow the tips here to do it –

  • Have sex a couple of days a week. You will thus ensure that you would not miss your fertile days.
  • After day 10, make sure to get horizontal with your partner almost every day. or at least every alternate day.

If you follow these tricks to get pregnant fast, you can be assured of your success in babymaking.

Tip 4 – Follow These Do’s in Sex

Follow some of these tips on the right practice to have sex. You can follow some of the best sex positions for getting pregnant fast.

  • Lie on your back after sex – Lying on your back after sex will help the sperm travel to their exact destination. Getting up as soon as you finish, or washing may derail your plans of conceiving.
  • Sex Positions – There is no scientific proof to indicate that there are any best positions to get pregnant fast. However, no matter, which positions you may be used to – by the time you finish – make it a point to reach a position that lets you lay on your back.
  • Hit the Right Time To Have Sex – The sperm count is believed to be the highest in the morning. However, we do not think there is any good or bad time for sex. However, indulging in lovemaking at night lets you relax than heading back to work.

Tip 5 – Avoid These Dont’s In Sex

As we have indicated the do’s, it is equally important to take care of things that you need to avoid while having sex.

  • Using Lubricants – Using Lubricants may be good for the comfort of having sex, but if you are trying to know how to get pregnant fast – it is a big no-no. The chemical composition may hinder the movement and functionality of the sperm.
  • Orgasm and Babymaking – Orgasm is a reward for sexual intercourse. But, as long as conceiving is concerned, it does not have any bearing. There have been claims that it draws sperm into the uterus, but none of these claims have any proof.

And if still there with no luck…

What if your tests fail and you have not conceived? Do not panic. It may not be easy to get pregnant in just one year. Some couples take 6 months or even a year once they set out on their journey of baby-making. Maybe you have not calculated the fertile days right. Maybe your partners’ sperm count or quality have had issues during the days you had sex.


In any case, you need not worry until it is at least one year since you are trying. Checking out the OPKs that are used on a daily basis can help you calculate your ovulation days perfectly. Check out your facts and get ready for the next month. If you are over 40 and have had no luck in how to get pregnant fast even after trying for six months, we would advise you to consult an expert for proper medical assistance if any.

In Conclusion

Getting stress free and taking measures to improve your fertility can help you on how to get pregnant fast. Taking a healthy diet, following a good and stress-free lifestyle, good intercourse skills/practices, and perfect information on your ovulation timing are some of the aspects that would provide help to get pregnant fast.

Those were a few tips on how to get pregnant fast that would help you conceive faster. We would advise you to follow the instructions of your physician. It will not be any longer than you will hold a bundle of joy in your hands.

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