How Can A Person With No Time Lose Weight Healthily


The only time you can work out is either early in the morning or late at night, when most people are asleep, which doesn’t help you keep up with your schedule and family life. You don’t have much time but still want to achieve a fitter body and lose weight healthily.


In this case, you can’t solely rely on the traditional diet and exercise method to get rid of fat and achieve the fit body you want. Here’s how to lose weight healthily when you’re busy.

Reduce Sugary Drinks And Snacks

Sugar is one of the most important reasons for weight gain among adults around the world. Sugar gives you a temporary energy boost, but since it lacks other nutrients, your body quickly needs more sugar to maintain normal blood glucose levels. Eating too much sugar also causes insulin spikes, which blunts fat-burning and contributes to weight gain. A way to accomplish this is by starting a low-sugar keto diet because it requires low amounts of carbohydrates and thus low levels of insulin. In addition, the keto diet is full of fat, which helps you burn fat faster and preserve muscle while still feeling full and satisfied.

Drink Coffee And Tea

Coffee and tea are low-calorie, low-carb drink options that will help you feel full without adding sugar or calories to your diet. In addition, studies show that adding more coffee to your daily routine can reduce body fat percentage in women. This is probably due to the caffeine in coffee, which stimulates the energy-producing parts of your brain and increases metabolism.

Drinking high amounts of green tea can help you lose weight quickly. It contains a high concentration of caffeine and a compound called EGCG that has been shown to increase your metabolic rate by up to 4%.


Don’t Skip Breakfast

It’s been shown that people who regularly miss breakfast tend to have a higher body mass index than those who don’t. It’s important because if your body goes too long without food, it thinks it might be in a starvation situation. When that happens, your body slows down the metabolism to conserve energy. Then you’ll struggle to lose weight and probably gain more.

So skip the intermittent fasting or suppressed meals that most people follow these days, because it can cause delayed hunger (when you end up eating much more than usual), and makes your body prone to stress, leading to inflammation and poor digestion.

Consider Supplements

You should make use of some effective weight loss supplements that can burn fat while suppressing your appetite to help you lose weight without having to work out excessively and sacrifice more time for work and family.

For instance, while there are lots of weight loss supplements on the market, Chia seeds are a nutritious and delicious option. Chia seeds contain 18% protein by dry weight, which makes them one of the most concentrated non-meat sources of protein. They also contain high levels of Omega-3, dietary fiber (10%), calcium, and phosphorus.

Eat Slowly

Practice mindful eating. Enjoy the food and savor each bite. Chew your food at least 10 times before swallowing, so you can feel full in a short time. If you go out to eat, take small bites of your food and chew it thoroughly.  Eat slowly to avoid overeating.


Lose Weight Healthily


Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking lots of water helps your body get rid of waste products and toxins, promotes muscle gain, improves digestion and metabolism, regulates body temperature, and prevents constipation. It is also a natural appetite suppressant.

A large amount of unwanted fat in the human body consists of accumulated toxic waste that cannot be digested by people. If you want to detoxify the body effectively while having no time to exercise regularly or go on a diet, drink 2-3 L (2-3 quarts) of filtered or purified water every day for at least 10 days. Water is better than any other beverage for losing weight because it reduces hunger and keeps your stomach full so that you won’t eat excess calories.

Limit Alcohol Intake

Do not drink alcohol in excess. It may seem like a great way to socialize after work with your colleagues or friends, but alcohol can increase your appetite and lead you to eat unhealthy foods. Drinking alcohol can make your body less effective at burning fat, and your liver will convert extra calories into fat rather than using it for energy.

In conclusion, you can lose weight healthily while you’re busy is possible. Follow the above tips; a low sugar diet, drinking lots of water, avoiding alcohol, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving a leaner body, in addition to helping you live longer with less chance of developing heart disease or other serious diseases.


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