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Are you in search of a few easy, inexpensive solutions for common hair problems like dryness, frizzies, and strands that simply lackluster? The good news is that there are several simple remedies for the most common hair-related challenges of all time, no matter what the natural state of your mane is, and regardless of how many follicles currently reside on your dome. For women and men who want to avoid the many inconveniences that come with skin that’s just too dry and is often prone to dandruff, flaking, and minor irritation, there are several strategies. Each of the following methods has its own group of enthusiasts, so check each one and see which techniques might work best for you.


Use Clarifying Shampoo

If you want to reset your otherwise healthy scalp, purchase a bottle of sulfate-free clarifying shampoo. Compared to other products in this segment, it’s the most beneficial shampoo for dry scalp you can get. Not only is it ideal for all types of hair, but it cleans thoroughly without drying out roots or skin. Many people don’t have problems with a lack of moisture in their skin until winter arrives. Then, regardless of your overall dermal health, the dry weather can eventually take its toll, especially if you reside in a place where the frigid season lasts for several months.

Use a Diffuser

If you use a blowdryer, you already know that the gizmos can quickly lead to damaged follicles, scalps that are hot and scratchy, and the simple problem of just too darn much heat in the wrong places. That’s where diffusers come in. You can buy the little plastic marvels at any pharmacy or bigbox store. They attach to the dryer unit and spread the air out in a more even fashion. That way, you’re able to avoid the frying effect that so often results from devices that are either too powerful or run hot.

Use Silk Sheets

How can sheets keep your mane looking great? Silk sheets aren’t as abrasive to skin and hair as normal, cotton sheets are. If you’re the type of person who turns over several times per night, you usually wake up with a hairdo that resembles something out of a horror film. All that rubbing damages follicles. When you replace standard sheets with silk ones, you’ll notice that bedhead is no longer a problem.

Be Brush Smart

When you brush, start from the sections of strands farthest from the scalp and slowly work your way upward, being cautious not to pull at tangles and snarls. If you do have lots of tangles or knots, use a wide toothbrush first, and then change to a thin bristled one or to a brush. People often work hard to avoid damaging follicles but reverse all their good work when they brush and comb in a harsh way.


Let the Lukewarm Water Flow

It’s relaxing to take a hot shower or bath on a cold day, but hot water is not so good for the hairs on your head. Be careful to wash and rinse with lukewarm or cool water to avoid the damage that heated liquid can cause.

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