Healthcare Staffing in the United States


Healthcare Staff Recruiting

Healthcare is an industry that is having trouble across the United States. Healthcare professionals are being overworked and underpaid and are quitting in large numbers. Some of this is due to the pandemic, but some of it is just the treatment that these professionals have been receiving for many years. Because of all these difficulties, finding new nurses is becoming more and more difficult for healthcare facilities.


Some facilities have turned to using nursing recruiting agencies to find the professionals that they need to staff their offices. If you are the one that is staffing healthcare in your area, you might also want to turn to a professional recruiter to fill your needs. These agencies have resources to find just the people that you need.

Healthcare Staffing in the United States


Top Reasons to Use a Recruiting Agency to Hire Nurses

1. Quality of New Hires

Recruiting agencies can help you to find the nurses with the best experiences that fit with your opening. They can find people from around the country that are interested in relocating to your area. This helps to ensure that you are getting the best recruits in the country. You can hire locally, but you might see the same quality that you would see from an agency.

2. Search Skills

Recruiting agencies have the right experience to do a search to find the best recruit for you. If you are in personnel in a healthcare facility, you are more used to working with healthcare professionals in a different way. Usually, you were not hired to just hire other people, so you might lack the experience that agencies might have. You can read here to see why a recruiting agency will be best for you. They know the job because that is the only job they do.


3. Top Candidates

The best of the candidates usually works with recruiting agencies to find only the best places to work. If you are looking for the best recruits, you will be able to find them at these agencies. You can find just the right fit for your facility by using the recruiting agencies, and you can usually find them in a timely fashion.

Top Candidates

4. Underground Networks

Some recruits already have a job that they might not be happy with and so are working passively with a recruiting agency to put feelers out for other facilities. Because of this recruiting agencies have an untapped resource to help you to find the best candidates. They can help you to find someone who is doing an awesome job for a facility they no longer care for.

5. They Understand Your Needs

Specialize recruiting agencies, such as nursing placement agencies, to understand what you need. They understand all the licensing and certification that the candidates need in order to do the job with the skills you need them to have. You can see here what licenses nurses require to do the job: They can help you to find the right recruit for the position that you need to feel.

6. Time

The staffing agency that you choose has all the time you need for them to recruit new healthcare professionals that you need. After all, that is all that they do – find recruits for offices and other healthcare facilities. As a personnel director, you probably have other duties that you must deal with that will interfere with recruiting new employees.


7. Credibility

The top agencies have proven credibility for the job that they do. They have worked with top hiring managers and have proven that they are capable of doing the job and doing it right. If they do not have a good reputation, no one would use them, so the best of the best have great reviews and credibility.

8. Guarantee Periods

Top recruiting agencies usually offer periods that they guarantee that their recruits will be the best for your job. This can be six months to a year to make sure they have provided you with the best candidates. If the recruit quits or is fired in that time period, the agency will find you an even better candidate the next time.

9. Placement Not Activity

The right agency will only look for the right candidate for you and not just push any candidate your way. They want to find the best person for you and will only offer the top candidates to you. This might be only one or two people, but you can rest assured that they are the best the agency has to offer for you.

10. Long-Term Career Success

Since the recruiting agencies also work for the recruits, they want to place the recruits in a facility that they will want to stay in long-term. This is the best for the recruit, the facility, and the recruiter. If they can place the recruit in the best place that will make them happy, everybody wins.

These are just a few of the reasons that you might want to choose a recruiting agency to find the talent that you need for your healthcare facility. They can help you to choose just the right person for the job.


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