Choosing a Life Science Staffing Agency


If you are in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry and have trouble looking for new hires today, then a staffing agency can help you with this problem. You can read more about these agencies in this link here. Due to the global pandemic that affects a lot of businesses all over the world nowadays, most companies may be hesitant to look for qualified candidates that can fill the vacant roles inside the office.


The solution?

It would be best if you had a staffing agency with a large pool of candidates suitable for your pharmaceutical or life science company. These candidates should have experience in knowing how to operate medical devices, speak the language of the medical field, have training and certificates, and all the other conditions that will make them qualified for the job.

If you are filling a certain position in the company, there are general, staffing, and executive recruitment agencies that you can consider. The general recruitment will help you fill an entry-level or mid-level position in the healthcare or biotechnology industry. The staffing is focused on temporary filling in employees for a specific job. This can apply for seasonal workers or if the company wants to cover the role of a full-time employee who went on vacation leave.

Executive recruitment agencies also go by the name of retained search firms. They are usually specializing in recruiting top-level positions or executives. Examples are science staffing agencies that know how to look for the right candidates to fill a high-level position. The applicants are generally experts in managing a group of people, medical devices, biotech research, diagnostic tests, and a lot more.


Choosing a Life Science Staffing Agency


Benefits of An Agency

  1. Save Time

Recruitment firms can save you plenty of time. During this time of the pandemic, some will arrange for a video conference to the applicant and your HR department. The candidate won’t need to travel to your area to be on the safe side. Instead, they will know whether they are what you need through video conferencing.

Other firms will get the resume for you, and they will screen the candidates and see who deserves to get an interview. Since the agencies are already recruiting for a long time, they will also have a network of candidates who are waiting for the right job opportunities. They have several people to call if the life science industry’s vacancy is suitable for these candidates.

The above examples are just some of the ways on how you can save time. You can shorten the recruitment process by getting through the best candidates in the fastest time possible, and this is with the help of the right life science recruiting agency.

  1. Improve Hire Quality

Another reason why most companies need help from recruitment agencies is that the hire’s quality is much better than hiring walk-in applicants. Getting emails from unknown candidates may not be the best way to fill a certain vacancy in the company. If you get a staffing firm that already specializes in your industry’s functions, expect that they already know how to look for the right candidates, and they have a pool of talents that are waiting at their disposal.

  1. No Need for In-House Hiring

If you are still starting, a dedicated HR or an in-house recruiter may not always be one of your top priorities. What’s best about the agencies is that you don’t need to have an experienced HR staff that will gauge the experience and knowledge of a candidate. You can find the resources and the expertise that you need when you get the professional service of an agency.

  1. Adds an Extra Layer of Security

One of the main reasons why many companies rely on a recruitment agency is the extra security that it provides for many businesses. This is important when it comes to the retention of new hires. You can know more about improving employee retention here:

There are guarantee periods where the new employee will have to stay in your business for a specified time. This is usually about 3 to 6 months.

If the employee terminates the contract before the agreed period, the agency can give you a full refund in the wages and benefits that you have spent on the new person. What’s best is that they will not leave you in a tight spot as they will find a new replacement without extra charges.


How Much Will It Cost You?

Most pharmaceutical companies will want to know the costs of the services. Before this, it’s essential to know that according to the report done by Deloitte, it takes around $4,000 to fill an open position when you use an in-house HR. This is only the average, and the costs per person will vary greatly depending on the strategies used, roles, and other factors.

The fee will also depend on the position that you are trying to fill. The prices depend on several factors, including:

  • The number of people needed for the company
  • The industry that you are in
  • The type of vacancy
  • The gross salary for the position
  • Whether the new hire will be part-time or full-time

The majority of the fees are calculated at 15% to 25% of the candidate’s first year of earnings. When a senior position is filled, the cost can go up to 50% as the candidates who are usually qualified for this are hard to find.

Finding an Affordable Agency


An affordable agency can make you use its services whenever you need it. You can get quotes from several staffing firms and see if they are within your budget. Some of them list their prices on their website.

If you want to get more precise information and a detailed breakdown, it would be best to contact them and talk to their representatives. You can send them an inquiry through their email, social media accounts, and website if you need to know more about their terms, services, and fees.

So, there you have it! You now have an idea about the benefits and the costs that are involved in partnering with a staffing agency. If you decide that you need their services, you can start by calling at least three of them today, and know which ones are right for your industry. You can fill the roles faster and jumpstart your business if you already have the people that you need.

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