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When you’re a part of a group, you can feel a sense of belonging and know that someone is also in the same situation as you. This is why many group counselling in Vancouver is beneficial in making individuals make significant and useful changes in their lives. Read more about this kind of therapy on this page here.


For some people, the idea alone of joining a Skylark Counselling group in Vancouver can be too overwhelming and intimidating. After all, no one wants to be judged, and it might be awkward sharing your story with strangers who might not even care. However, this is a misconception since psychologists have discovered that groups consisting of 5 to 15 people are actually beneficial when it comes to the treatment of addiction or relieving symptoms of mental illnesses.

Group Therapy


Participants all around Vancouver are beginning to realize that the experience is actually rewarding. Some coaches and psychologists are even big fans of these counselling therapy sessions. However, it’s essential to have the right group at the right time. Individuals who are experiencing acute trauma or crisis may not thrive in the environment because they have plenty of needs that should be addressed first.

Know that the sessions might require the people to meet at least twice a week, and they can often last up to two hours. This will still depend on the kind of group therapy in Vancouver that you’ve signed up for, but generally, this is more than enough time for everyone to talk about their struggles and find solutions to their problems. Here are other benefits that you may want to know about.


Advantages of Attending a Group Therapy

Provides Support

When you hear other people struggling and having similar issues as yours, you might feel a deep sense of empathy for the sharer. This is when you realize that you’re not actually alone with your current struggles, and if you’re grappling with depression, panic attacks, and other mental health issues, you have someone to call, and you can get the help you need. Attendees often experience a sense of relief when they feel that someone understands them, and they are not alone.

You’ll Have Everyone as a Sounding Board

Generally, people want to be heard, but this isn’t just simply possible in today’s society. You might be fighting with your significant other or your partner today, and you don’t have an idea of why everything went downhill. Read more about the reasons why couples fight in this link:

In this case, if other people hear how you present your side and your arguments, they will give you valuable feedback and a better perspective about what’s happening in your life. With a clear head, you’ll generally be able to deal with the issues later on and be more level-headed in the future.

Helps to Propel you in a New Direction

If you find yourself stuck in the past, a group will help you move forward in the best direction where you should be going. With this therapy in Vancouver, you may hear others placing boundaries or someone who has confronted their toxic family members over drug or domestic abuse.

The patients often try to push themselves beyond their limits when they realize that other people have done what they are afraid of. They would want to work harder to overcome their fears and weaknesses to move into a new direction in life.


Get Better with your Social Skills

You won’t feel isolated and alone when you have a dedicated group to talk to twice or thrice a week. This is where you’re given a brand-new opportunity to interact with others and practice your social skills. Re-engaging with others usually helps and getting along with others inspires confidence and more positive self-esteem.

If you have friends that you can talk to or empathize with can be a good sign that you’re moving on with your life. You’ll have different perspectives, and lots of opportunities will open up to you. Knowing that you can get along with others can be a powerful catalyst to leave an abusive partner or change the home.

It Costs Less

One of the benefits of getting Skylark group counselling is that it’s less costly and more affordable. The fees are divided to everyone, but this is not the point for some people. Overall, the therapy can make a tremendous change and a decisive shift in perspective in an individual that others don’t mind the costs at all. However, if you’re on a budget or you just have undergone an expensive treatment, this is an option to help with your healing and something that you don’t definitely want to miss.

Learn More About Yourself

In a group, you’ll have a mirror through the eyes of another person, and they will provide feedback for improvements. These are done in a gentle way, and you’ll be more aware of your blind spots so you can overcome most of your issues. You’ll discover a lot about yourself and the changes that you need to become better. Read more posts about learning one’s self in this web address here.

A Better Chance of Healing



For people who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, sharing their everyday struggles means that they are on the right road to healing. While they are in the hospital, their doctors might have recommended therapy sessions with others, especially those who have had records of failed suicide attempts. It’s natural to be skeptical at first, but some patients realize that they don’t have anything to lose and everything to gain at this point.

Patients with bipolar disorders have found out about coping skills from others that also work for them. They have learned a lot of practical and simple things like establishing boundaries and not allowing the little things to get to their manic sides. This is significant progress that many people don’t usually want to miss.

Building smaller wins and victories every single day matters. This is when some start to clean up their homes and do their laundry for a fresh start. Others even leaped and were doing presentations about healthy eating in front of large crowds after undergoing group therapy.

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