The Pros And Cons Of Individual And Group Therapies In Substance Rehab


Millions of people in the United States struggle with substance abuse. During the pandemic, the number of people using drugs and alcohol on a regular basis grew substantially. If you are tired of the toll substance abuse is taking on your mind and body, now is the time to take action.


Finding a reputable substance abuse treatment center is crucial when trying to take back your life and lay down drugs and alcohol for good. While in a treatment center, you need to use therapy to get to the root cause of your desire to use illicit substances. In most cases, you will be offered group or individual therapy sessions while in treatment. Here is more information about these therapies and how they can be used to help you address trauma from your past.

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The Pros and Cons of Group Therapy Sessions

Group therapy is widely used in substance abuse treatment centers around the world. During these sessions, you will be surrounded by recovering addicts. These therapy sessions come with their own unique set of pros and cons.

The Pros of Group Therapy Sessions

One of the biggest benefits of attending group therapy sessions is the connections they can help you form. When hearing about the trauma in another addict’s past, you might see some of yourself in them. Establishing a connection to their story and getting another perspective of your desire to use can be helpful.


Group therapy sessions also provide you with a sense of belonging. Seeing that other people are having the same struggles with substance abuse can help you avoid feelings of alienation. The support system you have is also greatly improved with group therapy sessions. If you are trying to work through a problem, the people in your group therapy session can provide some advice and guidance. This can help you get through some pretty hard times when trying to kick drugs and alcohol for good.

The Cons of Group Therapy Sessions

If you enter an addiction treatment center in Florida that offers group therapy sessions, you need to be aware of the cons involved. The group therapy setting offers far less direct intervention and guidance. Some recovering addicts feel like group therapy sessions aren’t a great setting for them to open up. If you are self-conscious about talking in front of others regarding your addiction, group therapy sessions might not be a good fit.

The Pros and Cons of Individual Therapy Sessions

Individual therapy sessions are one of the most popular tools used to address a recovering addict’s mental health issues. While these therapy sessions are widely used, they are not without problems.

The Pros of Individual Therapy Sessions

The ability to talk about mental health issues at your one pace is one of the main benefits that come with individual therapy sessions. These therapy sessions also provide more confidentiality, which many recovering addicts view as important. Getting one on one attention from a therapist is also important for addicts you need to feel safe before divulging the trauma in their past.

The Cons of Individual Therapy Sessions

Some addicts feel very apprehensive to meet one on one with a mental health professional because they don’t like lots of attention. Since you can’t blend into a group during these therapy sessions, you will have to deal with all of a therapist’s attention being focused on you. These sessions can also leave an addict feeling unmotivated to share aspects of their substance abuse and past trauma.


Now that you know more about these two types of therapies, it is time to figure out which one best meets your needs.

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