10 Must-Have Features for Health and Fitness Apps


Keeping Health and Fitness a first priority became a new trend in the past two years due to the sudden arrival of COVID-19. According to research conducted by Pew Research Center, almost one in five Americans owns a fitness app, and this amount is growing day by day.


Online health and fitness apps became a main source of maintaining health in COVID-19 days. The IT industry has developed a lot these days because people can’t escape from their houses these days.

Health and Fitness Apps


Top features of fitness apps

There are many features a health and fitness app could have, but in this blog post, we will discuss must-have features for health apps.

1. Personalization

Personalization is the most important and fundamental feature that a fitness app should have. This includes personal information like name, age, size, and height of the user. It is very useful in increasing the user experience because it is ten times more effective when the user feels that the app is addressing the personal needs of the user to achieve health goals. They will keep coming back to the app.


2. Apps synchronization with mobile phone

In the present era, most people use apps to keep their sports and other activities on track. So, it is very important for health or fitness apps that can be synchronized with mobile phones or watches, so it becomes very easy for the users to interact with the app.

3. Easy to use

As a developer, we have to keep in mind users will come back to the app again if it is easy to use. If the app frustrates users, they are not going to use it again. It means it should be easy to use.

4. Summarize your progress

It is a very useful feature as it can help users to determine the progress bit by bit. It is also very helpful for the user if he wants to check his monthly progress and make a new plan for the next month.

5. Goal Setting

We all know why people use fitness apps because they want to bring their bodies in better shape than before. Goal setting is a function in which the user can set a goal in the app then the app gives a monthly or weekly plan of action to achieve your goal.

6. Track down all important metrics

App development companies are very smart, and they know that a person cannot do exercise, running, and a lot of hard work without motivation. That is why they must include important metrics like weight, calories, kilometers, and many more, which keep the user motivated for his next moves.


7. Push Alerts

Push messages also play an important role in the success of fitness apps. As said earlier, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fitness is all about motivation. These push notifications also keep you motivated and push you to work harder than ever to achieve your personal goals.

8. Share accomplishments with the internet community

Many users feel very happy to share their accomplishments with others on different web platforms. So it is also a must-have feature for a health or fitness app that gives a boost to its user while sharing their accomplishment with others.

9. Heart Rate Monitors

In the past, deep heart rate monitors were used by doctors and cosmonauts to check out health and stress metrics but modern-day app developers also consider these as a must-have function in their apps.

10. Live Video Classes

Video classes are very helpful for users to know how to exercise effectively. Many users do not know the exact methods of exercise. This is why this function is also considered a must-have function for fitness apps.


In this blog post, we have discussed the top ten features a fitness app should have. As I have earlier said, there are thousands of features that could be added to fitness apps, but according to app developers, these are the fundamental functions that a fitness app should have to succeed in the market.


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