Options When Pregnant – Everything You Need to Know


Pregnancy can only occur if semen gets in your vagina or on your vulva. The first thing to do if you feel you’re pregnant is taking a pregnancy test. It’s the only option to know for sure. An unplanned pregnancy is a pregnancy that is either unnecessary or the pregnancy is not planned by the couple. There are a lot of pregnancy options to opt for when you don’t want the baby.


You have the options if you’re neither ready to be a parent nor want to have a baby.

  1. Abortion
  2. Adoption


Abortion is a method that ceases a pregnancy. Generally, abortions are done during the first 12 weeks or the first trimester of pregnancy. Some types of abortions are practiced in hospitals or clinics.

If it is your first trimester, you are expected to have a vacuum aspiration. If it is your second trimester, you will probably have a dilation and evacuation, or D&E. If it has been longer than this, you will have extraction and dilation.

Vacuum Aspiration

It is performed if you are in the first trimester. It is performed by using gentle suction; this way, the placenta, and the fetus are pulled out via the uterus. This practice is performed at a clinic or hospital.


The procedure is not very painful, but you will experience cramps as your uterus contracts when the placenta and the fetus are being removed. It only takes about 5 to 10 minutes for this procedure to be performed.

You might be asked to stay at the clinic later to confirm the abortion. Some side effects you may suffer from are dizziness, nausea, and cramps. It will charge you around $600 to $1,000.

Dilation and Evacuation

The procedure will be performed if the pregnancy is in the second trimester. Dilation and evacuation are performed using the combination of vacuum aspiration, forceps, and dilation and curettage. This is actually a two-day procedure.

On the first day, the doctor widens the cervix to make it simple to eliminate the pregnancy tissue. It is the second day that the difficult task is performed.

The doctor using the forceps, pulls the fetus and placenta. Also, the curette is used to scrape the uterine line.


This procedure is also performed in a clinic or hospital. Dilation and evacuation is a painful procedure. However, the doctor will provide you with medication that will numb you.

Some side effects you will suffer from after this procedure include cramping, bleeding, and nausea. This procedure will cost you more than $1,500.


If you don’t feel like performing an abortion, the other option is to give your baby up for adoption. You will find several public and private organizations that will provide you with a reliable family for your baby.

The two categories of adoption are open and closed adoption.

Open Adoption

It is the type of adoption in which the adoption and birth family do keep a connection. Nothing is hidden from the two parties.


The baby is also allowed to contact the birth family whenever he/she wants to. The two families might also meet each other directly.

Closed Adoption

It is the type of adoption in which there is no direct contact between the two families. They do not meet each other, and the baby is adopted indirectly through a third party.

The information regarding the families is sealed and kept safe. It will be provided to the child only on his demand when he/she turns 18 years old.

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