8 Signs Your Body Wants You to Quit Your Job

Do you find it a drag to get up and get ready for work every day? Do you also find it hard to stand on your feet and even sensible solutions like putting good inserts for standing all day won’t help? Reason, The mind is a funny thing and the body can’t fight it for very long. Having said that, mental dissatisfaction and physical discomfort can be a big part of why you hate your job or want to quit your job. But before you let this problem get to you, just know that you are not alone.

In fact, if statistics are anything to go by, then Medical Daily states that a whopping 70% of employees can’t stand their jobs. While there may a number of reasons why different people want to switch or leave their current jobs, the most effective indicator is how you feel at the end of the day. For instance, if you have any of these issues at the end of the workday, consider switching jobs:

Signs of your body wants to quit your job

  1. You can’t stop being bitter

If walking through your office building simply annoys you for no reason, you are way overdue for a change of setting.

Feeling bitter may also be why every small little thing seems overwhelming at work. If every insignificant thing becomes too big to deal with, you should walk out that door right now. No regrets!

  1. Boredom gets the better of you

Easily bored? No worries, we have a solution.

Not being challenged enough at work is a sure fire way to know that your skillset is not being used properly; you are simply not doing what you want to be doing.

If you find yourself in this sticky situation, unstick yourself and find something that will not only challenge but also motivate you to keep going.

  1. You are exhausted all the time

True that work can be taxing in so many ways. But it should never leave you mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted all at the same time.

If this is the case and becomes a permanent feature of every single day at work, you should know that you are starting to suffer from a job burnout. Time to move on.

  1. Your feet hurt like crazy

Mental and emotional burnout aside, sometimes it is just the physical pain of a situation that is enough to make you quit.

If your job requires you to be on your feet for the better part of the day, consider getting good insoles for standing all day. If it requires you to sit all day, pay attention to your posture and workstation.

If neither makes you feel better, then we can’t really help. It is now time for you to help yourself and find something better.

  1. You play dumb at work

If you need to downplay your smarts at work, you need to get out and find a smarter work environment.

Playing dumb also affects your will to do better and can put you in a spiral of negativity. Meaning that you not only stop caring about your work but also don’t mind about the way you dress, act or perform your daily duties. Don’t let go of yourself because of your work.

  1. Monday blues, anyone?

Everyone suffers from a case of Mondays from time to time, but if every Monday fills you with dread, sit up and take note.

Plus, if the best thing at the end of your day is to countdown to your next weekend, it is time to switch.

Bad days aside, if you can’t recall the last good day you had at work, seriously think about moving on.

  1. Weight issues, perhaps?

While it is true that your mind guides you whether something is right or wrong for you, your body also does the same.

If you start to feel physical changes like body pain, weight gain or anxiety attacks because of job-related stress, maybe you should look in other directions and think about changing the game.

  1. You have trouble sleeping

Sleeping well? That’s probably because you are happy during the day and like what you do then. That includes spending time at work.

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But if sleep issues become common, it may trace back to you being miserable at work. This is because people who are unhappy with their jobs, often find it harder to sleep well.

The aftermath of a bad day at work comes home and keeps you awake at night, or at least doesn’t let you sleep well. So bid farewell to that horrible job and find a place where you can be happy.

Author bio: Bowen is a fitness and health blogger at Runningaddicted.com. His obsessions are food and running, and he strives for a balance between the two. He blogs to share his stories, his training, what he has learned to help his readers be a better runner.