Colloidal Silver Supplements: Are They Worth The Hype?


The health industry is filled with all kinds of treatments deemed to have miraculous qualities. Steroids, supplements, and therapies are just a few examples. Among these treatments, there are a few proven to be effective to some extent, while the rest are a bit controversial. One particular example of such treatment is colloidal silver supplements.


What Are Colloidal Silver Supplements?

Colloidal silver are tiny silver nanomaterials believed to have the ability to treat all kinds of diseases, ranging from flu to even cancer. Although it became popular recently, it’s not a new discovery by any means as it’s been around since 1891. Back then, health practitioners used it solely for sterilizing wounds, but people now apparently believe it can strengthen one’s immune system.

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This belief drove people to integrate colloidal silver into their daily regime, believing it can protect them from all kinds of illnesses, hence the hype for colloidal silver supplements. As a result, several companies have created their own liquids & gel collection made of colloidal silver.


Unfortunately, some consumers have numerous complaints regarding such products, especially since the hype can be slightly over the top, so the expectations were exceedingly high. On the other hand, some consumers were satisfied with the results.

If you’re planning to climb aboard this trend, you’re probably wondering if colloidal silver supplements are genuinely worth the hype.You’ll find that out soon as you delve deeper into this trend.

How Does It Work?

Despite its popularity, not much is really known about the science behind colloidal silver. However, as far as existing studies go, colloidal silver is believed to have the ability to attach proteins into the walls of harmful bacteria, slowly penetrating them. Once that happens, the substance would modify the metabolic process of the bacteria, eventually eliminating it.

Colloidal silver consists of several types, each with different shapes and sizes. Supplements containing the substance may also differ in concentration, so some will inevitably contain more silver nanomaterials than others. Hence, it’s crucial to choose a product carefully.


Furthermore, colloidal silver isn’t a substance that naturally exists within the body, unlike most supplements and drugs. For that reason, the human body is only capable of processing so much, so overdosing can be lethal. For your reference, an individual can only consume five micrograms of the substance per one kilogram of their weight. This rule applies to all types of colloidal silver, whether topical, environmental, or oral.

Possible Benefits

Over the past few years, colloidal silver has been associated with countless benefits, but only a few of them have been proven to be true. Nevertheless, here are some of the possible benefits one is said to enjoy from consuming colloidal silver supplements:

  • Treatment Of Wounds: Colloidal silver is best known for its supposed antibacterial quality. Thus, it’s mainly used to treat injuries and is sometimes applied on medical equipment for sanitation purposes. Such benefit has not yet been tested on humans.
  • Treatment Of Skin Diseases: People also claim colloidal silver to be antifungal. If so, then it’s possible to treat fungal infections in humans, making it a great skincare product.
  • Treatment Of Viral Infections: Lastly, colloidal silver is believed to be antiviral, which would mean you could use it to eliminate viruses such as HIV, Ebola, and the like.

While colloidal silver can be considered miraculous, if these claims are backed by further scientific research, the side effects associated with the substance have led people to have second thoughts.

Potential Side Effects


Numerous critics believe the substance to be harmful to the body, the same way proponents of colloidal silver believe in its benefits. However, just like how the benefits have yet to be proven, the side effects touted to result from the substance are also not 100% true.

Regardless, perhaps the most prominent side effect of ingesting excessive amounts of colloidal silver is argyria—a condition that gives a person’s skin a silver-like color.

Take note, however, that certain liquid silver products are not as harmful as your typical colloidal silver, mainly because of their lower concentration of silver ions. Moreover, side effects would only show if you overdose, so it generally might not be as harmful as people make it out to be.

Is It Worth The Hype?

Despite the backlash and controversy, it’s clear that colloidal silver is indeed worth the hype. After all, if the claims are proven to be accurate, it may as well be considered better than any wonder drug the world has ever seen. But for now, it’s best to be careful with the dosage of colloidal silver supplements so you don’t suffer from any side effects.


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