3 Best Field Hockey Shoes for 2021


Hockey is a popular game around the world. Hockey players need to practice and be consistent to stay at the top of the game. In addition to that, having the best hockey shoes is one of the essential things for any field hockey player.


Good comfortable hockey shoes can enhance your concentration and effort during the game, while poor shoes can affect your game. There are a variety of shoes with unique features that hockey players can take advantage of. There are many hockey shoe brands out there among the best three best are discussed below.

Best 3 field hockey shoes brands

There are many brands that offer hockey shoes with unique features. Among these brands, the top three best hockey shoe brands include the following:

1)    Adidas hockey shoes

Adidas are perfect shoes for hockey players. Adidas hockey shoes provide comfort and protect against serious injuries.

Their main features include:

  • They are designed for acceleration and comfort
  • Lightweight
  • EVA padded sole
  • Breathable structure that keeps players cool
  • Elastic sole allows speedy cuts and moves
  • Rubber sole that improves grip and ensures speed
  • Synthetic top surface to ensure durability and comfort
  • Midfoot aid ensure a customized fit
  • Made using neoprene that is a wicking fabric
  • Full length padded sole

2)    Grays hockey shoes

Hockey shoes made by Grays are one of the best in the world. The synthetic CAGE-designed shoe is a creative and functional shoe to be used in the hockey field.


There are many features that are unique to it, including:

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Anti-fatigue system that promotes flexibility and shock absorption
  • It gives support at the rear side
  • Unique padding protects the forefoot
  • G-tech pro sole is suitable for water or sand
  • The extremely delicate and flexible foam allows a personalized fit
  • They provide arch support
  • Promotes speed through their flex-free innovation
  • Utilizes cutting edge technology that makes it durable and flexible
  • Protects against foot damage
  • Xfit tongue made from flexible foam

3)    Asics hockey shoes

Asics shoes are popular among the international all-stars. They are best for wet areas, hardgrounds and turfs. To decrease strain on the player’s leg, they have introduced a 10mm raise in the heel.

Moreover, the Gel cushioning adds support and comfort while also protecting against injuries.

More exciting features of Asics hockey shoes include:

  • Rubber sole that is reliable and elastic
  • Synthetic
  • Gel padding all around the shoe promotes stability and comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish look provided by the mesh upper sole
  • PGuard supports toe and helps in enhancing comfort and protection
  • Breathable lining
  • Lace closures allow a customized fit
  • Insole can be removed


When you choose among the best hockey shoes, it is important that you consider what you want from your shoe. You can find different styles from different brands that will suit your needs. Comfort and durability are two factors that you shouldn’t compromise on. To find great hockey shoes, survey the market and find brands with good reputations. You will be able to find good brands that provide amazing features in their shoes, like the above three best field hockey shoes brands.

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