How Long Do M&M’s Last?


How Long Do M&M’s LastEveryone loves a nice chocolate treat from time and time. some, treat comes in the form of a cake or a cookie, and for others, that luxury is a candy bar. Occasionally, that candy just happens to be M&M’s, and for good reason. M&Ms was formed by the Mars Candy Company in the 1940s. They came about after soldiers in England were observed eating Smarties, which were chocolates covered in a candy shell, used as military treats. The candy initially came in a cardboard tube, but by 1948 was packaged in the pouch we know today.


M&M’s last for around 6-12 months outside their “best by” date depending on what they are filled with and how they are stored. The shelf life of M&M’s hangs on a variety of factors, such as the best before date and how the chocolates are stored. Because of their unique style and flavor, particularly the “melt in your mouth, not in your hand” quality, they are in a class all their own.

How Long Do M&M’s Last?

How Long Do M&M's Last


M&M’s come in all kinds of colors and now have multitudes of flavors including M&M Almond, M&M Peanut, M&M Peanut Butter, M&M Mint, M&M Pretzel, M&M Coconut, and Dark Chocolate M&M, and many more. They are tiny pieces of chocolate covered in a candy shell that can even be personalized with your message for any event. 

How Long will the M&Ms Last?

While the candy treat might be pleasant, it’s sensible to want to know just how long the candy will last. There are a few different factors that might affect how long the candy stays good, such as where they’re kept, as well as how they’re stored, instance: 

  • If stored unopened, in the fridge- M&Ms stored in the refrigerator, unopened, will last around 12 months past the date.
  • If stored open, in the fridge- M&Ms stored in the refrigerator will last around 6 months or thus before the taste becomes less than delicious.
  • If you Store them in the freezer- M&Ms stored in the freezer will last around 16 months past the date.

M&M storage is the chief factor in figuring out how long they will last. M&Ms which are unopened will last longer than those which have already been opened. Though M&Ms will be safe to eat after the time frames mentioned above, they taste best when consumed within them. After a certain amount of time, the quality of the candy will hurt.  

Why Do M&Ms Last That Long?

These candies are made of chocolate, which is pretty long-lasting. The extra candy coating adds some durability to the candy. Though, they’re still unpreserved after enough amount of time. M&Ms will last a long time, particularly due to their coating. However, after some amount of time, the quality of the candy will start to suffer, making the candy taste less enjoyable than it used to when it was fresh.

Due to preservatives, M&Ms will last sufficiently long if stored properly. Though, if the candy is stored at temperatures too high, it might still melt and may begin to spoil sooner than if stored at temperatures under 75 degrees F. To increase the longevity of your M&M candies, always remember to store them at the correct temperatures, preferably in the fridge or the freezer if possible. Try to desist from opening the package until you plan on finishing the package, if this is impossible, then be sure to store your candy in a plastic bag for the greatest results.

What are the measures that you can take to increase their Shelf Life?

  • If you Store your M&Ms in a cool and dry place ensure that they stay fresh for longer, retaining their mouth-watering flavors.
  • You should never store them in a warm place.
  • Store your M&Ms at 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If you Store them in an airtight container or original packaging prolongs their shelf life.
  • Always Keep M&Ms away from moisture by sealing them with plastic wrap.
  • If you wish to preserve their taste longer, keep them in your freezer using an airtight freezer-safe container.

How can you tell if M&M is Bad? 

Food safety techniques and practicing hygiene are a must for healthy living, so keeping a check on your M&Ms will help you stop foodborne illness. The most suitable way of judging your M&M candies is with your intelligence of sight. While chocolates can last longer, they can lose their pleasant taste over time.

If your M&Ms are emerging little white dots on the edges, it shows that they are getting old. This process typically happens because of dryness, which decreases the quality of the candies. Dry chocolate is perfect for cooking as it restores the flavors. Though, you will never want to eat it plain as they will feel dissimilar in taste and not as enjoyable as fresh ones. Moreover, you can check for any staining to identify whether your M&Ms have gone bad.


Separately from judging the state of your M&M candies, you can also control the quality with your sense of taste. If your chocolate tastes stale or terrible, it would be best to toss them out of your kitchen pantry. Spoiled foods can increase health risks, and we mention you practice proper food hygiene and safety. Humid conditions are not perfect for M&Ms, so it would be best to store them in a cool and dry place.

The company recommends users consume their products within 13 months from the manufacturing date, which assurances that they will get the best and more pleasant taste in that period.

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M&M’s last for around 6-12 months outside their “best by” date depending on what they are filled with and how they are stored. 


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