Your Best Anti-aging Care Partner

Dr. Ignacio Guzman is a leading physician in anti aging care treatments in Fresno, California. He is board-certified in peptide therapy from the American Academy of Anti-aging medicine. He is a compassionate doctor who aims at providing quality care to his patients. He specializes in regenerative and integrative medicine; using these procedures, he balances your biological and chemical compounds in the body.

Dr. Guzman

Dr. Guzman’s high-qualifications in peptide therapy, among other anti-aging treatments, is a product of years of training, studying, and practicing these procedures. He graduated with a degree in biological medicine at the University of California. Later, he proceeded to complete his medical degree at the University of Utah.

Dr. Guzman later founded Latino Medical Student’s Association. While working at the center for Disease Control and Prevention, he studied brain damage. Also, he has served as a chief resident at the University of California. Dr. Guzman has enhanced his expertise through multiple symposiums and research.

Dr. Guzman travels around the globe sharing his knowledge in anti-aging treatments with other providers. He has served as a guest lecturer in multiple schools of medicine. As an advocate for his practice, Dr. Guzman takes care of his mind and body. He exercises his body through exercises such as taking part in several marathons.

The Services

Dr. Guzman enhances individualized and customized care for his patients. His passion has been generated by watching older people suffer from fatigue, weight problems, and low sexual drive and wanting to help. He has incorporated advanced medical technology techniques into his treatment procedures. Some of the services he provides include peptide therapy, IV therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement, joint injection treatment, and soundwaves therapy for men’s sexual dysfunction.

He has specialized in peptide therapy. Peptide therapy is one of the medical advances that use the body’s amino acids to promote health and wellness. Dr. Guzman’s peptide therapy treatment introduces more peptides into the body to trigger specific body processes. Some of the benefits of peptide therapy include promoting weight loss, building muscle, boosting the immune system, increasing sexual performance, and enhancing recoveries from surgeries and injuries.

The Blog

Dr. Guzman emphasizes patient education through various blog articles. You can learn about some of the treatment procedures through these articles. One such piece is called, “5 Physical Changes That Come With Aging and How You Can Fight Them”. Reach out to our website and find out more about our practice.

How to Contact Dr. Guzman

You can reach our office by phone for appointments at 559-761-5098. Or general inquiries, you can call 559-298-9600. Conveniently, you can visit our office’s locality- get directions from our website. Note that our working hours are from 8 am to 6 pm, starting Monday to Friday.

To sum up, Dr. Guzman’s dedication to anti-aging treatments has seen him gain recognition from his peers. He focuses on continuous learning and incorporation of advanced medical techniques and technology to enhance the efficiency of his services.

Are you looking for quality anti-aging treatment care around Fresno or the wider California area? Look no further; Dr. Guzman is your best choice. He is welcoming and handles all the patients with utmost care. Schedule an appointment with him today.