Natural Herbal Remedies To Burn Belly Fat Without Exercise


People tend to gain pounds easily in the belly area. But while there are now countless ways to lose weight, belly fat seems to be so hard to shed off. The bad news: Visceral Belly Fat, which surrounds your organs, can have life-threatening risks such as heart attack, stroke, colon cancer, and type 2 diabetes. The good news: you can burn belly fat even without physical exercise! Get to know these natural herbal remedies that burn belly fat even without sweating it out in the gym.


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Natural Herbal Remedies To Burn Belly Fat


1. Coriander

            Scientific name: Coriandrum sativum

Other names: Chinese parsley; In the United States, the stems and leaves are called cilantro.


This dietary herb speeds up the metabolism rate and aids healthy digestion which allows the body to burn calories effectively. It’s known as a flavor enhancer for many dishes and has countless health benefits as it helps lower blood sugar levels, minimizes the risk of heart disease and has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. For best results, place coriander leaves in a bottle full of water, leave it overnight then drink it in the morning. You can also mix a cupful of chopped coriander leaves and one cup of water, blend in a blender, and drink it every morning.

2. Peppermint


Scientific name: Mentha x Piperita

Other names: brandy  mint, mint balm, paparaminta, herba menthae

Peppermint burns belly fat and promotes weight loss because it suppresses one’s appetite for food due to its strong scent. It regulates the gastrointestinal tract resulting in a healthy bowel movement and it also relieves dyspepsia. This natural herb contains catechins, natural antioxidants that speed up metabolism, which makes the body burn more calories and shed belly fat. It also relieves migraines, improves sleep and fights antibacterial infections. For best results, drink peppermint tea regularly.


3. Ginger

Scientific name: Zingiber officinale

Other names: African ginger, Indian ginger, Black ginger, Ardraka, Gingembre noir, Gingembre cochin, Imber, Jamaica ginger, Jengibre

Ginger lowers cholesterol levels as attested by studies and also treats persistent indigestion. It regulates bowel movement and accelerates the emptying of the stomach. It also lowers blood sugar and has anti-inflammatory properties. To get the best results and lose unwanted pounds, mix grated ginger in at least 3 cups of water, boil it and consume while still lukewarm. You can also mix lemon and grated ginger in lukewarm water and take it as a detox drink every morning.

Stubborn belly fat may lead one to consider other options aside from natural remedies. The experts behind tackle weight loss procedures in the article “What’s the Best Weight Loss Procedure for You?” and discuss the metabolic operation and minimally invasive surgery options. They indicate that there are long-term considerations and that surgery risks must be balanced with the benefits.

There are many natural herbal remedies to help you lose weight and burn belly fat even without exercise. They also have health benefits for optimum wellness. Most importantly, one should stick to healthy food options to successfully lose extra pounds.


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