Whiplash Chiropractor & Personal Injury Chiropractor for Car Accident


Car accidents and recovery from them are more than just getting the car to the mechanic for repairs. You may also have wounds that you need to heal, and on top of that, you may need to deal with this law firm for compensation.


If you’re getting lingering pain after the initial treatment, you may need a whiplash chiropractor to find relief. One of the most common injuries in a vehicular accident is whiplash. Some of the known symptoms that commonly develop in just a space of 24 hours are stiffness, neck pain, muscle spasms, and more. You may not experience other ailments until days or even months later.

Feeling any kind of pain in your shoulders, neck, or back after an accident should be treated seriously. This may be the right time to see a Beaverton chiropractor after a personal injury and ensure to get complete treatment for the symptoms that you may be feeling. Know that you won’t get better on your own, and prolonging medical care may actually make the symptoms worse.

Whiplash Chiropractor & Personal Injury Chiropractor for Car Accident


Reasons Why You Should Try Chiropractic Treatment

  1. Free From Medications

When you feel pain, the first thing you may be reaching for is the bottle of opium on your bedside table. Your GP may have recommended it as painkillers, and as time goes by, you become dependent on the pills. The opioid crisis in America is getting worse, so for some people, it’s understandable to avoid pain medications unless they can’t bear the pain or it’s necessary.

However, chiropractors can disagree when it comes to taking opioids. Chiropractic practitioners can provide patients with a more organic treatment like straightening the spine through manipulations and other natural techniques to help the body heal.

After a personal injury, the force of the entire collision may throw your joints and spine out of alignment. With the realigning and adjusting of the joints, you can get the most relief from pain primarily associated with accident injuries. Subsequent inflammation and pain can be dealt with through massage or other forms of therapies.

On the other hand, those painkillers you may have bought from the drugstore because they were considered prescription medicines can give you side effects. They always have risks like you getting dependent on them. Know more about addiction when you click here. The good thing is that you can avoid the unpleasant side effects and get to heal in a more natural way with the help of chiropractors.

  1. Get Relief Faster

When you fail to treat the injuries as soon as possible after a vehicle collision, you may feel painful sensations that can last for weeks or even years.


Chronic pain may be more challenging to address as the years go by and what people do are, they become more dependent on many drugs. In contrast, the right chiropractic treatment is aimed to address the injury itself and not just the symptoms.

Physical therapies may include rehabilitation from auto accidents, but they may not always be as effective as the ones that the chiropractors are doing. The physical therapist usually focuses on the muscles, so they tend to “pull” all the other joints and get them back into alignment.

As one would expect, the process of physical therapy may take months and a few sessions. Any injuries need to heal first. When they are stronger and gradually going back to normal, the muscles at the back are pulled in place. This is in contrast with chiropractors that can do a realignment to your ligaments and bones after just a few sessions, and there’s no looking back afterward.

  1. Heal Unnoticed Wounds

Shock, extreme adrenaline, and blurry memories of what happened can mask the symptoms of a vehicular accident in months, days, or hours. In some states, you may only be given 14 days at most to after the accident to get medical care if you have personal injury insurance.

If you have let this pass and you don’t think that you’re in a dangerous condition because of the absence of abrasions, then you may have to pay out of your pockets when the pain finally shows up its ugly head.


Know that it may be expected for your body to feel a minor soreness after weeks or days after a disaster. However, unless you’ve actively looked for medical assistance, know that you won’t have a way for the soreness to heal on its own. The indications that you may have gotten some kind of trauma can’t be confirmed with self-diagnosis.

You need to know everything for certain, and this can involve a visit to a chiropractor’s clinic to know for sure. They can do x-rays, assessments, and laboratory results to provide you with a more accurate diagnosis of your current condition. Read more about why chiropractors need x-rays here: http://hopkinsradiology.org/why-does-my-chiropractor-need-an-x-ray/.

Some patients may not be aware of this, but the right practitioners have been trained to analyze saliva and blood samples before applying specific treatments. X-rays are needed to get a better idea of many patient’s conditions after a personal injury. This will also pinpoint the exact place where the pain may be emanating.

  1. Reduce Stressful Situations

Regardless of whether you have an injury or not, severe anxiety and stress can negatively affect your life. The stress may manifest itself through several physical and known symptoms. For example, after the vehicular accident, you may have started to have tensed muscles at the shoulders and the back unconsciously, or you may constantly be clenching your jaws for no reason. Proper chiropractic techniques can help you loosen up and release the overall tension you may feel to help you on the road to recovery.

In many studies, it’s also known that this kind of care profoundly affects one’s nervous system. In a 2011 research conducted in Japan, the subjects had told the scientists that they could have a better quality of life and lower stress levels after receiving spinal manipulation from the experts.


Dealing with the insurance, lawyers, paperwork, aftermath, trauma, and injuries can cause even the most emotionally balanced person to experience stress. With the right chiropractor, you can have stimulation that can reduce injury pain and process the paperwork in no time.

More about the Spinal Manipulation for Whiplash

Whiplash Chiropractor & Personal Injury Chiropractor for Car Accident

Manipulations are also known as chiropractic adjustments. They entail the identification of misaligned neck joints and ensuring that they go back to their proper places.

With the gentle movements that affect the joints, the constrained muscles can be coaxed into healing themselves. The gentle and swift thrust can be the key to mobilize these muscles again and heal some of the herniated bulging discs.


Even if the sudden cause of the whiplash is already forgotten along with the hazy memory of the other details of the accident, know that there can still be physical damage that can remain. Along with this is the psychological impact that can become chronic, affecting the quality of life of many victims. Some of the symptoms that you may experience may include numbness, nausea, blurred vision, and ringing in the ears.

It’s best to find a chiropractor in your area where you can get an early diagnosis before the medical issues can become worse. These experts will be able to give you the best treatment and ensure that the injuries themselves will heal faster.

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