Home Rehabilitation: Does it Work?


There have been debates on the efficiency of doing home rehabilitation for people who are battling addiction. Most often than not, it is a cause of doubt due to misinformation and misunderstanding. It is most of the time unheard of for a person to go through rehab while staying at home but it is totally possible and effective. Like most things, treatments are not a one size fits all but should be tailored fit to a person’s style, preference, and personal needs.


The most important thing you can give to a recovering addict is support, understanding, and a place that is conducive to their healing. If you are concerned if home rehabilitation works, then you should know this fact: it will work if you will make it work in the first place.

Home Rehabilitation


They Stay With Family and Friends

To some people who have gone astray but still want to be where their family and friends are, home is where their heart is. Most of the time, people who become addicted to drugs feel alienated to them that they want to mend relationships and be close to their family again while they are in recovery. When at home for rehabilitation, they do not have to deal with strangers and feel the need to compete in terms of their pace with recovery. This is especially true for people who had no prior experience in going to drug rehabilitation centers and are not used to being away from their homes but still maintains behaviors that are not dangerous to people around them. This is also advantageous for them since family and friends can stand in as counselors and advisers who can look out for their welfare out of genuine concern.

They Adjust to Their Environment More Than Adjusting Their Environment for Them

One of the most common causes of relapse after successful rehabilitation is a person’s inability to go back to their normal environment because their recovery was done in isolation and controlled space. The ability to reintegrate into their environment is compromised because they are conditioned to live in a place that is intended to remove all environmental factors that led to their addiction. As much as possible, people who have gone to addiction should be able to unlearn the negative behavior they picked up along the way by changing their behavior and perception and not their setting. If they are able to do so then there is more possibility that they can manage on their own because they are given the opportunity to master their own environment.


Freedom And Relief

Being at home can give people who are recovering from addiction and alcoholism more freedom in their choices on how to get well without doing things that are not favorable to them. Since most services they need for recovery can be catered to them in their homes, they can tailor fit a schedule and plan that works best for them. The perks of being at home include availing detoxification and counseling services that can be seen on this website www.home-detox.co.uk. Since it is understandable that in-patient rehabilitation is not the best option for everyone, services that offer help are now made available so people do not just stay home while recovering but also find themselves freer to make the choices they need to change their lives.

They Do Not Miss Out On Important Matters

People need to feel that they are a part of something big especially when they are on the road to recovery. This journey itself can be isolating and lonely which can cause other confounding mental illnesses including depression and anxiety. This is most true for people who are sent away for months or years and miss out on family events that are important to them. When they are in the comfort of their home, they can get to celebrate with their family for any occasion there is. They can also be celebrated for any milestone they get during their journey. These events add to their resilience factors which can strengthen their will power and drive to succeed in their recovery.

Home rehabilitation is advisable to people whose current condition is not threatening to people around them. Instead of housing them somewhere, they can stay home to do their recovery especially if they are receptive to medication and behavioral modification which does not burden their family. What works for the many may not work for some and it is important that a person’s welfare is put in priority to ensure their recovery.

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