Everything I Want to Do When COVID Finally Ends


I’ve Had Enough of These Restrictions

As much as I respect COVID restrictions, they’ve recently been taking a mental toll. I, like many other people, cannot wait for this pandemic to be over so that everything can return to normal!


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That said, there is one silver lining to the pandemonium—the stock market crash of March 2020. I was never interested in investing until a friend of mine, who day-trades for a living, recommended I buy shares of Tesla since they were cheap. He has been my closest friend for almost thirty years, so I took his word and invested about $25,000 into the company—$100 per share. Saying that this was the best financial decision I’ve ever made would be an understatement; share prices have skyrocketed to over $1000! While I’m not one of the Teslanaires, I’m thankful for my gains, though they have been waiting in the bank while I plan all of the things I want to do once COVID is over.

Getting a Brand-New Car

I’d hate to waste my newfound wealth, so I’m going to be smart about spending. My uncle, who was a successful businessman, taught me that buying used items for less doesn’t mean it isn’t the same item; for example, a 2022 Mercedes Benz CLA 250 is $38,200, but I can get a used one from 2015 for closer to $25,000.


There are a few other cars I’m considering, but I’m more or less set on the CLA 250, which will symbolize my freedom from the dangers of the pandemic. Honestly, after this ordeal, my opinion on the best car for me might change, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there—I might just have to give back to Mr. Musk and get a Cybertruck, which is slated for release next year!

Traveling to The Bahamas

I’m also planning a getaway: a long, relaxing cruise to the Bahamas, where I can lay in the sun all day long. My mental health took a serious hit during the height of the pandemic, so a vacation would help me recover.

As I’ve said, there are easy ways to be just a bit more frugal. Although I won’t be booking a cruise anytime soon, I’ve been looking into reservations for 2022 or 2023. The tickets will be a lot cheaper to buy now than they will then—I might as well jump on the best deal I see and prepare myself for the trip of a lifetime!

Taking Care of My Looks

Before my Bahamas trip, though, I want to take care of how I look. I’ve been alive for a long time, and all of these stressful years have taken a toll on the quality of my skin. Because my wrinkles and blemishes will only worsen, male facelifting will certainly help me look young again; I’ll not only appear more refreshed but will feel better about myself—and I won’t need to avoid looking in the mirror anymore!

Reinvesting in Precious Metals

Of course, I can’t just hit the jackpot and spend all of my winnings. I need to make more money with what I have so that, one day, I’ll have enough to retire securely!


One of the best ways to let my money work for me is to reinvest it in precious metals like gold and silver. These appreciate in value over time, so all I’ll have to do is keep a certain amount of each locked up in a safe.

I can’t wait to enjoy the fruits of my labor and investments and take even more trips to the Bahamas! Hopefully, by the time that vacation comes around, there won’t be another horrible pandemic keeping me from enjoying it.

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