Top 5 Natural Ways to Improve Your Fertility

According to the survey, fertility problems can affect up to 15% of couples around the world. Fortunately, there are several new natural ways to improve your fertility and also become pregnant quicker.

In reality, the lifestyle and diet changes can support to boost up your fertility by up to 69%. If you are in pretty good health and having normal routine sex without using any birth control, you must expect to conceive in your first year of attempting.

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In general, around half of the couples can get pregnant within 6 months and also around 70-80% will get pregnant within one year. At the same time, you as well as your life partner can boost up your odds of being parents to be by just knowing the do’s and don’ts of fertility. You can simply set up yourself for success with these guidelines.

What is fertility?


Fertility defined as a capability of reproducing or breeding. Actually, fertility is your capability to conceive, get pregnant and also have toddlers as natural with just an egg and sperm and also no support from the medical interferences or reproductive technologies. Hence, fertility testing can test the ability of your body to perform this.

In fact, fertility can also be an issue in some cases. When you are in late teens and early 20s, the sex drive is high and the fertility levels also peak. This blending leads to a top level of unnecessary teenage pregnancies in several countries and also to a tall birth rate in the poverty areas in a very less developed world.

Now, the fertility clinics all over the world are providing a vast array of treatments and also allow the couples who are experiencing infertility to become fertile and have a family that they want. Not all the religious groups and cultures permit the medical intrusion of this type, so not the entire couples have a permit to this infertility treatment.

Fascinating facts about fertility

facts about fertility

Whether you are trying for a baby right now or not, but there are some interesting facts every woman wants to know.

  • Infertility is not an inconvenience one; rather it is a sickness of the reproductive system that impairs the ability of the body to do the fundamental function of the reproduction.
  • Infertility has an effect on both genes and females equally.
  • 25% of childless pair has more than a single element, which gives to their childlessness.
  • 40% of childless pair, the male is either a sole cause or a giving a cause of infertility.
  • 12% of all childlessness cases are an outcome of the female either too fat or too thin.
  • Many infertility cases around 85% to 90% are treated with traditional medical therapies such as surgery or meditation.
  • Vitro fertilization is essential for some patients to boost their fertility.
  • Both men and women who smoke have reduced fertility. The danger of miscarriage is higher for pregnant women who smoke. Cigarette smoking causes up to 13% of female infertility.
  • It is possible for women with body weight disorders to reverse their infertility by getting as well as maintaining a healthy weight.

Why you should choose a natural way of boosting fertility?

In reality, 10% of couples in every country suffer from infertility. But for healthy couples, they are not experiencing infertility and the odds are only about 20% that the women will become pregnant during any one menstrual cycle.

Natural Ways You can Boost Your Fertility

But couples, you do not worry about this statistic. There are different numbers of natural ways available for boosting up fertility, which greatly supports your body.

Top 5 Natural Ways You can Boost Your Fertility

Below are the lists of natural ways to improve fertility without even stress of injecting, expensive fertility drugs or ingesting and other treatments that include:

  1. Be in control of your weight

The number one thing for both men and women can perform to improve fertility is just maintaining and achieving a healthy body weight.

  1. Try acupuncture

The women frequently have constrained or depleted energy, which causes blockages, especially in the pelvis. So, the regular acupuncture sessions can support to facilitate the blood flow to a reproductive area, regulate hormones and minimize stress, which can impact the women’s ability to conceive.

  1. Eat this, not that

The importance of a diet that is equivalent to one prevents diabetes and heart diseases, particularly for women with ovulatory problems. It also recommends eating difficult carbohydrates such as bread, cereals, and protein from plant-based foods such as peanuts and beans.

  1. Make healthy lifestyle changes

Most of the lifestyle changes are things that you must be doing to enhance your overall health in any way.

  1. Reduce stress

If you are more susceptible to stress in common, there is a great opportunity that stress will impact your ability to conceive.

Tips to Prevent/Treat/Boost fertility In Natural Ways

Fertility tips

When it comes to conception, if you and your partner are not meeting with success, you might need to simply look for these ways to enhance your chances of conceiving and getting pregnant naturally that include:

  1. Initially, you should know when you are most fertile
  2. Experiment with different sex positions during intercourse
  3. Do not smoke as per the study report
  4. Decrease excessive alcohol consumption
  5. Lose excessive body weight
  6. Fertility yoga
  7. Do regular exercise with a nutritious and balanced diet
  8. Learn to relax by using meditation or other breathing techniques
  9. Consume a balanced diet such as fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, whole grains
  10. Men want to eat a diet that is high in zinc like meat, eggs, seafood, and whole grains
  11. Women can boost up ovulation by selecting monosaturated fats like olive oil and vegetable protein soy

Bottom line

As per the report, many healthy couples are attempting to conceive who have often unprotected sex become pregnant in a year. If you are not getting pregnant as fast as you hope, just consulting with a doctor and seek support sooner; because fertility reduces with age. The sooner you consult a doctor, more likely you will have success with the right fertility treatments.