Tips for Raising Teenagers


Teenagers are often dealing with a lot and may not be aware of how things affect their health and well-being in the long run. You can help them make the best choices for their health by providing them with education, guidance, and support.


Sex Education

It’s normal for teens to have questions about sex, but it’s not always easy to bring up these questions with a parent or guardian. Avoid shying away from the subject and shaming topics related to sex. Talk about ways to practice safe sex and the risks and responsibility that comes along with being sexually active. Sexually active teens are at risk of getting STDs that can cause serious health issues without proper medical treatment. Do your best to encourage your teen to talk with you when they are ready to become sexually active. Most teenagers are too afraid to ask for help when they need it. If you’re the one to start the conversation, they will know they can trust you and be informed ahead of time about options like birth control, adoption, and abortion Indiana. With supportive education, you can help your teens avoid unplanned pregnancy while making safe and healthy decisions.

Mental Health

Depression and anxiety are common among teenagers especially as they adjust to hormones and growth spurts. Any signs of declining mental health need to be taken seriously. When left untreated, depression can severely impact every facet of life and even lead to suicide. With the help of a licensed mental health professional, teenagers can overcome these mental health issues and learn to better manage their mental health over time. To maintain a healthy mind, encourage your teen to stick to a routine and go to sleep at the same time every night. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your body to function and grow. Set aside time every day to relax with reading, yoga, meditation, or a creative hobby. Help them find inner peace between the chaos of their busy day at school.

Physical Health

In addition to struggling with mental health, your teenager may also struggle with their image and physical body. Know how to recognize unhealthy eating habits or any signs of self-harm. Such behaviors likely require the intervention of a medical professional. The earlier you notice, the less time there is for any damage to become dire. Extreme weight change can be detrimental to teens’ health as their body develops. Body changes, hair growth, and acne may be unavoidable, but you can help your teen handle these changes with confidence. Encourage them to feel comfortable in their body and give them pointers on how to wash their face, shave, apply deodorant, and other basic hygienic habits. Help them find personal hygiene products that work for them and encourage them to talk to you about any concerns they might have. Keep up with growth spurts by keeping your home filled with plenty of high-protein, nutrient-dense foods. Encourage a regular exercise routine to help your teen stay fit, release stress, and create healthy endorphins.

Be prepared for the changes your teenager will experience and help them better navigate the challenges ahead.


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