Car Accidents That Result In Permanent Disability: What To Know


Car accidents may vary in severity, whether it be a simple fender bender or a multi-car pile-up. Those who have experienced a severe car accident know how devastating it can be to you, both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, sometimes, these effects can be long-lasting disabilities or even permanent ones.


Car Accidents That Result In Permanent Disability


Car Accident Stats: The Numbers Are Alarming

Car accidents happen daily and are more common than people may realize. In fact, some of the annual statistics that have been recorded may surprise you. These are some facts that demonstrate how terrible vehicle collisions can be.

– Annually, more than 35,000 people are killed in car accidents.

– More than 2 million people are injured or are left disabled in car accidents.


– Annually, more than 1,500 kids under the age of 15 are killed in car accidents.

– The top cause of deaths for people that are below the age of 54 is car accidents.

– Annually, car accidents cost more than $225 billion in the United States.

– On average, a car accident that results in a disability costs over $60,000.

– On average, severe vehicle accidents that end in a victim being paralyzed costs over $500,000 during the first year of treatment, followed by nearly $70 each year after.


– On average, a car accident that results in an injury to the brain costs up to $3 million over the course of a person’s life.

– More than 1 million people have a handicap as a result of a car accident.

– The age group of 35 to 64 have the most disabilities as a result of car accidents.

– Over 40% of people who are hurt in a car accident were not able to work because of their injuries.

Due to the majority of people who are disabled in a car accident being in the primary years of their career, there is an extreme impact on their lives, which generally lead to substantial compensation from either a lawsuit or settlement.


Who is Liable When Serious Injury is Caused?

Since there are a variety of causes that are attributed to car accidents, the reason why it happened will be the determining factor into who is responsible for any long-lasting or permanent injury you are left with. Sometimes, the liability is clear-cut, such as when a clearly drunk driver runs into you. However, there’s other cases where the responsible party may be unclear. In these types of situations, an investigation, evidence, or even courtroom testimony will be evaluated before someone is deemed responsible.

Below are examples of situations where parties are held accountable for a catastrophic vehicle accident that results in a disability or severe injury:

– Distracted drivers usually apply to someone driving while texting or using their mobile phone, or other similar activities that distract them from driving safely.

– Impaired drivers are generally obvious. A driver who is found to be under the influence and impaired, causing a car accident. Impairment could be the result of the use of alcohol, prescription medication, or illicit substances.

– Breaking the law while driving, including disobeying traffic rules, can cause a car accident. When drivers break the law, no matter the reason, they endanger others on the road as well.


– Driving aggressively puts everyone on the road in danger, potentially resulting in an accident, injury or even death. This could include speeding, cutting other motorists off or changing lanes incorrectly.

– Driving on the job. When a driver is careless while working and causes an accident, they may be liable for the accident, as well as their employer, in part.

When you have suffered a severe accident that has left you with lasting pain or injury, collecting proof to win your lawsuit is the last thing on your mind. This is when you have to hire a car accident lawyer who can quickly move forward to ensuring you are paid for your losses. An accident lawyers free consultation is usually an option for someone who is looking for a potential lawyer to hire.

Always do your research before moving forward with any legal issue.

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