Things All Men Need To Know About Erectile Dysfunction


Once a matter that people discuss rarely, has now become a very common talk. Thanks to the general awareness raised by manufacturers of ED medicines. When people used to know so little about why and how the dysfunction occurs. Now more and more education is given to enable men to combat this condition. Erectile dysfunction, in its truest form, is a dysfunction of erection in which men find themselves unable to either keep or develop a firm erection during sexual activity. It is big enough to cause a problem in achieving satisfaction during sexual performance.


Problem with erection and less usual desire is the most common symptom of ED. If they persist for weeks, they become a cause for concern, and a doctor’s consultation is necessary. Apart from the symptoms, there are more things that people need to know about ED. Those can play a big role in spreading awareness on how to deal with ED more efficiently.

Erectile Dysfunction & Age

This may not be a hundred percent true for every situation but in more than 50 percent of cases, men aged 40 get diagnosed with it.

This shows a very strong link between aging and ED as the possibility of developing this dysfunction seems to increase more with age.

Thus, those men who are 40 or nearing this age have to be very careful with their lifestyle. To be able to either combat this condition or not develop it at all in the future, men nearing 40 must include healthy habits in their lifestyle



Erectile Dysfunction & Other Medication

In other situations, ED is found to be linked with the side effects of certain medications.  However, in some cases, such side effects can also lead to full-blown impotence.

Some of the most common medications that are known to cause ED are beta-blockers, CNS depressants and stimulants, synthetic hormones, and alpha-adrenergic blockers.

But, taking these medications do not always lead to ED. Only your doctor can decide if your current medicines are responsible for ED or not. Therefore before you jump on to stop your medicines on your own, consult your doctor first.

Decline In Erectile Dysfunction

As shocking as it may be, it is true that erectile dysfunction can ebb away with age in some cases, as proved by a study conducted on men in Massachusetts.

But, this does not mean that you should not seek treatment for it. In fact, we suggest you check Numan, an online clinic designed for men. The site not only provides consultation and checkups but it also has an online store of medicines. Go to and know more about their offerings and services.


Bottom Line

In the end, we would just like to suggest all the men keep a regular check on your health, especially if you’re nearing old age. Infuse healthy and nutrient-filled food into your diet, exercise, and be aware of all the possible signs of ED. After all, prevention is better than cure.