The Ultimate Guide to Low Impact Exercise


One of the best things you can do for your physical and mental health is to exercise. Despite this, not all of us have fit, active or abled bodies that are wholly capable of high impact exercise. All too often, we can compare ourselves to those who we see on social media heading to the gym every day and doing a high-intensity training workout.


This year, you should do all you can to develop your physical health no matter your circumstances. If you are capable of exercising but feel largely restrained due to health reasons like muscle, joint and bone problems, there are ways you can get some exercise into your daily routine. Keep reading to find out some of the best low impact exercises you can try out this year!

Some of these resistance belts are longer, and great primarily for stretching. However, there are long resistance belts that can be used for strength training too!

Consider your circumstances

Before you choose an exercise or a few exercises to try out, we recommend that you consider your circumstances. One of the worst things you can do is dive into the deep end (quite literally) and use the joints and muscles that haven’t been used in some time. This is a recipe for disaster as it makes you much more susceptible to injury. We definitely don’t want this!


If you are nervous about exercising, seeking professional advice from your medical professional or contacting a personal trainer is a good way to start. It’s all about easing yourself into the exercising process and staying within your limits. Now we’ve established this, let’s move on and take a look at some low impact exercises you can try.


One of the more popular low impact exercises is that of cycling. It is suitable for all ages and can be done privately, at home or at your local gym. When you cycle, you are a lot less likely to injure yourself proving you can ride the bike effectively. Moreover, it causes less strain on the body as a whole and works your muscles.

When it comes to cycling, you can choose to do it in your own spare time when it is convenient for you. If you were to do this, you’d need a good bike and some protective equipment like a helmet, padding and lights. Would you consider riding a bicycle at night, out on the roads? If this does appeal to you, then you might need to invest in some more protective equipment. Keep this in mind!



Another good low impact sport is swimming which is why so many people love heading to the local pool. As the water gives you some buoyancy, you can enjoy floating at the top of the water while doing your exercise. All too often, people worry about the water putting too much pressure on their joints, but it is usually the opposite.

Individuals opt-in for a good workout at the pool because it allows you to exercise away while getting some relaxation in too. The water keeps you cool while aiding you with your exercising, so it’s technically like a win-win! Moreover, water is also proven to relax the muscles so if you’re in need of some deep relaxation, swimming can be your go-to.


Thirdly, yoga is both a low impact and low-intensity method of working out. Fellow yogis across the world love grabbing their yoga mat and getting into the zen mood. The practice serves as a great way to exercise and burn fat while stretching the muscles you’ve not stretched in a while.

There are many benefits of yoga but the main two is that it is great for both your physical and mental health. Physically, you can enjoy the fat burn and stretching routine when practising. Mentally, you can find some inner peace with yourself while meditating and enjoy practising some breathing techniques. Yoga requires a lot of concentration, so it does allow you to get out your head and not focus on the fact you are actually exercising rather than allowing your mind to focus on your stresses and anxieties.


On top of this, yoga is a great thing to build into your daily routine as it can be so easy. There are various bloggers and video creators that provide free yoga content for people on the internet. Yoga with Adriene is one of many yoga teachers who provides free content at beginner, expert and intermediate stages.

Remember not to overdo it

This article has discussed three low impact exercises you can try building into your every day or weekly routine. One of the most important things you have to consider if you do suffer from muscle, joint or bone issues is to not overdo it. Your circumstances should be your number one priority when it comes to exercise, don’t try and beat everyone else! Stay in your lane and maintain your confidence.