Surprising Benefits of Drinking Gin


Aside from fooling your friends into thinking you’re sophisticated while sipping on a martini, drinking gin in moderation can benefit your health. It is one of the lowest calorie spirits, and the juniper berries in the spirit act as natural diuretics meaning harmful substances are regularly flushed from your body.


Great Hangover Cure

The ingredients in gin (juniper berries, coriander, cassia, nutmeg, sage, and angelica root) are packed with antioxidants. They are known to encourage cellular restoration and improve blood circulation, which is excellent for the heart and kidneys. The herbs used to make gin also act as a natural diuretic, which means that if you suffer from bloating, drinking gin in moderation could help reduce your bloating (opens in new tab). Gin is also an effective digestive aid, with the antioxidants found in the juniper berries and other plant botanicals helping to increase stomach acid secretions, thus promoting digestion. Another surprising benefit of gin is that it can help to fight histamines – the substance responsible for hay fever. According to Asthma UK, switching from beer or cider to a gin and tonic in the summer can help to ease those annoying itchy eyes and sneezes.

Great Mood Enhancer

The juniper berries used in gin act as natural diuretics and help to prevent bloating. They also work to improve stomach acid recreation, which helps with the digestive process. It’s also one of the lowest calorific alcoholic drinks in terms of calories per shot – so you can enjoy a Martini, Negroni, or a good quality gin like Curiada without worrying about the calories.

Juniper berries are packed with antioxidants, which can kill free radicals and reduce disease risk as you age. It is why drinking a little gin can lengthen your life expectancy – in moderation! Gin doesn’t contain much sugar, which is good news for people with diabetes. But remember to always drink in moderation and choose your mixers carefully – opting for a sugar-free mixer such as a Diet Tonic will help you avoid extra added sugar. If you have diabetes, consult your doctor before drinking any alcohol. They may advise you to only drink a small amount of gin with a glass of water.

Great Digestive Aid

The juniper berries that comprise the bulk of gin significantly contribute to its unique taste and various health benefits. For instance, they are a great source of Vitamin C, which is great for immune health, collagen synthesis, and blood vessel function. It’s thought that drinking gin can help with digestion, mainly because it can reduce bloating. It is probably because the berries are packed with fiber, which helps prevent bloating and keep your stomach healthy. Gin can also aid digestion by stimulating the appetite, and it’s said that a few sips of gin and a plate of fried oats can be a good cure for indigestion. It’s not just gin’s tummy-friendly properties that make it a great digestive aid, but it’s also one of the lowest calorific spirits. That makes it a perfect choice for anyone trying to lose weight, especially when combined with a diet or low-calorie tonic water.


Excellent Hair Tonic

Although it might not sound too good, gin in moderation can improve your hair health. The juniper berries found in the spirit stimulate blood flow around the scalp, helping to promote healthy hair growth and avoid thinning hair. The berries and other ingredients used in the spirit can also help improve digestion by stimulating enzymes that break down food, resulting in less bloating and indigestion. They are also natural diuretics and can reduce water retention in the body, which in turn can help prevent swollen ankles and hands.

Gin is one of the lowest caloric spirits, containing only 97 calories per shot. It can also speed up drinkers’ metabolisms and help them burn more calories, making it ideal for those watching their weight. A clear spirit can also help fight against hay fever symptoms. According to Asthma UK, gin doesn’t contain the histamines that can cause sneezes and itchy eyes in sufferers. So a nice glass of gin and tonic could be just the spring ticket!

Great Skin Toner

You can make gin with various ingredients that give it its distinct flavor. Among these are juniper berries, coriander seeds, cassia roots, and nutmeg. These herbs are rich in anti-aging antioxidants that can keep your skin looking young and fresh. Drinking gin is good for the skin as it promotes cell restoration and hydrates the body. Juniper berries also make for an excellent diuretic, which can help fight against water retention and even urinary tract infections. It is because increased urine output helps flush out bacteria and other harmful toxins that could be causing the problem.

Gin can be very healthy alcohol, especially when mixed with soda or iced tea. These drinks are low in calories and packed with herbal goodness. Moreover, drinking a few drinks can help you maintain a healthy weight and improve your metabolism. However, it would help if you never forgot that moderation is essential in alcohol. Heavy drinking can cause a lot of problems for your health and can lead to heart disease, stroke, and dementia.

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