How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Maintaining a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle can sometimes be difficult while traveling. We all want to enjoy ourselves on vacation, but there is always a way to try and balance it all out. It will not be the same as cooking all your meals or going to your local gym, but there are ways to stay healthy!

hiking is healthy

Drink Water

Sometimes when we are busy doing as much as we can in a day or simply relaxing all day on vacation, we forget to stay hydrated. It is crucial you try your best to drink water throughout the day and not just at meals. It will give you energy for other activities, keep your body refreshed, and only about a thousand other benefits. Water is the biggest lifesaver when traveling. Do not avoid staying hydrated no matter how much it makes you want to pee! Try setting alarms to help remind you of when to drink that H2O!

Go to the Grocery Store

If you are staying put on your travels for a decent while, make a trip to the local grocer or supermarket and pick out some healthy foods. Instead of going out to every meal or buying endless chips at the pool, you can create your own well-balanced meals. Packing some freshly cut fruit for the day and eating eggs and toast for breakfast will give you more energy for your travels. Plus, when you do go out to eat or want to splurge on a big cone of ice cream, you will enjoy it so much more!

Remember to Wash Your Hands

Staying healthy is not just about eating the right types of food or exercising but also about staying safe from illnesses and germs. Oftentimes when traveling, there are people from all over the country or world. The more the people, the more germs. A simple way to prevent yourself from catching something is merely watching your hands. You can also bring a portable hand sanitizer in a book bag or purse to keep extra clean.

Go for a Run or a Walk

If you are used to exercising throughout the week, you can still do so while away. Get outside and take a jog or long walk. This will boost your energy and help you burn the extra calories you may be used to doing. You can enjoy the sites or look at Ottawa real estate around where you are staying and try and scope out some cool places to visit!

Try Your Best Not to Splurge

Yes, you can totally forget about health on vacation and eat whatever your heart desires, but if you want to opt for healthier take, try your best not to splurge. It can be tempting when you have new foods around because you want to try them all. Instead, have smaller portions of more things you would like to eat. This way, you can taste more options but feel less stuffed at the end of the meal!


Traveling should be a time to unwind from your everyday life back home, but that doesn’t mean you cannot stay healthy at the same time! It just takes a little bit of motivation to make it happen.