Sciatica Treatment with help of Inversion Table


Anyone that suffers from sciatica knows that it can be severely painful. Additionally, it can tremendously impact your life negatively. Carrying out simple tasks can prove difficult, and really change your perspective on life.


However, there are procedures and treatments that can be used to treat such a condition. Other than invasive major surgery, one can and should consider the inversion table treatment. Inversion table treatment is also known to treat other severe conditions such as back pain. Let us first take a look at what exactly sciatica is.

About Sciatica

Sciatica is a condition that appears when the Sciatic nerve, the longest neural in the body, is affected.  So the condition can be described as a number of symptoms that cause mild to severe pain along the sciatic nerve. The root cause of the pain is the inflammation that takes place in the nerve.

The symptoms to look out for include pain that manifests in the lower back, and often extends down to your feet through your legs. The pain, either mild or severe, can cause general discomfort. Also, be sure to look out for muscle weakness in those particular areas, as well as numbness.

inversion table treatment



What is Inversion Table Therapy?

Inversion table therapy can be traced back to 400 BC, during the time of Hippocrates. Meaning, that Inversion table therapy is not a new treatment that was just recently discovered. But due to its efficiency, the treatment has proved effective to our current generation.

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Inversion table treatment employs the use of gravity, to provide relief for conditions such as Sciatica and back pain. In other words, it reverses the effect that gravity has on our bodies. Generally, the patient lies on a table that is a bit tilted towards the ground. The position of your feet should be higher than your head.

This then brings into effect the use of gravity or the downward pull. This downward pull then acts on your spinal discs and nerves, to provide the relief through spinal decompression. Spinal decompression is generally when your spinal cord is lengthened for a short period of time causing much-needed relief.

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Inversion Table Therapy and Sciatica

You might be wondering where Sciatica fits into all this. So far, we have established that Inversion table therapy is effective in treating back pain. As previously mentioned, gravity usually has a negative effect on our bodies. Other than just causing much pressure on our back, and compressing it, gravity does the same thing in other parts of our body.

Gravity compresses our spinal cord, nerves, muscles, and our ligaments. Hence, the sciatica condition. Inversion table therapy employs gravity to stretch out the affected muscles and ligaments as well. Moreover, the therapy increases the flow of the lymphatic fluid throughout the entire body, aiding in providing relief. Also, the proper flow of the fluid strengthens the body by providing the nutrients and minerals that the body needs.

In conclusion, Inversion table therapy is very effective in treating Sciatica. However, it is also imperative that you compliment the treatment by performing certain Sciatica exercises, which can also be performed on the inversion table. Also, be sure not to exert too much pressure on the lower back while carrying out certain activities.

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