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If flexibility is a step of your billing among the world’s best exercise pros, California-based Guru Mann’s title will comprise one of the best. For starters, he has the numbers on his side: Mann has 3,01,000 followers on his Instagram accounts and above 7 lakh followers on his YouTube station. Afterward, he is an expert fitness model, accredited advance exercise trainer, a nutrition pro, strength and conditioning trainer, and includes a sports nutrition company, proclaimed GM Nutrition, based in California.


Guru Mann is a certified exercise specialist is spreading the word about fitness and wellness through his videos on YouTube, Facebook, and other social channels. In cooperation with T-Series, he’s established many exercise videos that are ardently accompanied by tens of thousands.

He also doles out advice regarding a variety of fitness issues which range from burning body fat into gaining muscles, even out of nutrition knowledge to distinct workout programs, without charging a single cent in the folks.

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Body Measurements of Guru Mann

  • Chest Size = 45
  • Biceps Size = 18
  • Waist Size = 31
  • Hip Size =  5
  • Thigh Size =  25
  • Body Figure = 45-31-39.5
  • Skin Colour =  Fair
  • Eye Colour =  Black
  • Hair Colour = Black

The career of Guru Mann

He began his career in Dec 1997. His passion for having a healthy body when he was too skinny encouraged him to comprehend this area. He’s been working for past 19 years and offers training for drug-free fitness models, helps the athletes to build strength with nourishment. Also, he helps simulate in fitness picture shoot.

Pro Mann is great Fat reduction and Muscle Building Pro from San Francisco, California. He’s a fitness writer too.

He has many professional certifications in the business of nutrition and fitness.

He’s dispersing information about fitness and health via social channels like Youtube, Facebook, and other social mediums together with his educational videos. He’s also collaborated with T-Series for launch videos. He supplies nourishment schedules, exercise regimes, exercise programs for different physique onto his YouTube channel.


He enjoys his job, and his previous skinny appearance before beginning the fitness regime helps him to keep himself motivated. He loves his career because it helps other individuals in attaining their exercise goals. He enjoys the truth about his muscle adulthood which makes his body shoot on the athletic and sensuous form.

Guru Mann Diet

My diet includes moderate carbs, high protein, and even healthy fats on workout days. On my rest days, I take low protein, balanced fats & high carbs.

For Protein: I typically include chicken, whey protein, milk, fish, yogurt, lentil, beans and eggs in my diet.

For Carbs: I eat vegetables, fruits, oats, sweet potatoes, quinoa, and brown rice.

For Fats: I eat cashews, olive oil, whole egg, peanut butter, almonds, fatty fish, almonds and flaxseeds.


He helped individuals personally as well if he matches them. Guru Mann Says greatest medication is the meals. The thing you are ingesting daily things over these drugs that you take every day to prevent not to ruin it. He worked together with his own family and that he fixed his household’s cholesterol, diabetes. After becoming a robust result, he began making a video for the entire nation.

Fitness Secret

For novices, it’s crucial to take it slow and work out regularly. With commitment and hard work, an individual can strengthen all muscle groups as time passes and lose unneeded fat. While exercising, it’s suggested to have a coach about to direct you to get a fantastic form. A whole lot of beginners’ mistakes could be prevented that manner. Your diet must also stay strong.

Guru Mann Fitness App

He’s made over 15 complete physical fitness programs. Countless people have changed their body by following his fitness regime.

Guru Mann Fitness app is also available for both Android & App Store.

In this app, you may all of the information regarding exercises of fat reduction and muscle building for fitness and house exercise. -Nutrition strategies for Women and Men -Nutrition movies and PDF’s -Exercises for Every muscle -workout strategies for Women and Men -Exercise movies and PDF’s -Monthly Exercise Playlist -Workout & Nutrition Plan according to Body Weight and Goal -Weekly Transformation images of the Program users. -Supplement Stacks What’s FREE


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