Safest Ways To Lose Weight Naturally


We’ve all been there. We go on a diet, it works for a while, then stops working, we get back to our eating habits, and then we’re putting on weight once again. When this scenario is repeated one too many times, we’re forced to either lose hope or seek extreme measures which, more often than not, are very unhealthy.


Meanwhile, losing weight can be done naturally once we understand how our bodies work and the means to use this knowledge to our advantage. To achieve these, you’ll need to seek advice from nutritional experts who know the tips and tricks of the human physiology. Shape Gold has many tips on weight loss available that will not only aid you throughout your journey but also help you build a stronger connection with your body. Following such tips, you’re bound to see significant results.

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Lose Weight Naturally


So if you’re struggling with your weight loss journey, here are some safe ways to lose weight naturally:


1.  Eat Breakfast Daily

Breakfast is important for so many reasons. Not only do you need this essential meal to keep your energy level up and running throughout the whole day, but it’s also been scientifically proven that eating a good breakfast will help you burn more throughout the rest of the day. That’s because it kick starts your metabolism, which does all of the burning. When you skip breakfast, you’ll also be tempted to eat more as you go on with your day.

2.  Drink Your Water

Water is essential to maintain the physiological functions of your body, keeping them well-functioning. These functions involve everything you do; starting from your muscular performance to your metabolism. To make sure your body is operating efficiently and burning the fats as it should, you should always stay well-hydrated. On average, you should drink eight ounces glass of water daily.

Safest Ways To Lose Weight Naturally

3.  Exercise Regularly

There’s nothing to ramp up our metabolism and get your burning excess fats like maintaining good exercising habits. The best form of exercise to burn fats is cardio, which can range from light to heavy depending on your ability. Developing a healthy exercise routine will also motivate you to adjust your nutrition so all of the hard work you’re doing won’t go to waste.

4.  Limit Sugar and Processed Carbs Intake

Sugary substances and processed foods are some of the worst forms of food when it comes to nutritional value, meaning that they don’t benefit your body. But that’s not all; these foods are very easy to store, by the body, into fats. So not only are you eating empty food, but you’re also stuffing your body with fats more quickly than normal.


5.  Go For Whole Grain Carbs

A very good substitute for processed carbs is switching to whole grains. Not only are they filled with dense nutritional value, due to their content of vitamins and minerals, but they contain a big amount of fibers. These fibers help you feel much fuller, even with eating smaller portions.

6.  Add Protein To Your Meals

Protein is awesome on so many levels. For starters, it’s essential for carrying out many physiological functions. It becomes even more important when you’re constantly hitting the gym for weight-training. But even the average person can benefit greatly from including protein in their every meal; proteins take much longer to digest, making you feel fuller for extended periods of time.

7.  Eat Your Leafy Greens and Savoury Fruits

Vegetables are also full of fibers, minerals, and vitamins. Those green in color, especially leafy veggies, are also lower in their carb content. This makes them a great source of nutritional value, meanwhile helping you feel fuller for longer. As for fruits, their content of natural sugar, in addition to their nutritional value, makes them a great replacement for processed sugars.

8.  Trim Portions and Increase Meals

There’s a nice trick when it comes to eating your meals. Instead of eating large portions that leave you completely fill, it’s better you opt for lower portions of food. On the other hand, you’ll divide your designated daily calorie count over more meals that last you the whole day.

9.  Find Safer Alternatives

You don’t have to ban yourself from everything you love. You just need to find safer alternatives to add to your diet. Instead of ditching mayonnaise altogether, for a light one, or substitute high-sugar chocolate with a healthier alternative of dark chocolate.


Your weight loss journey can be tough, but there are safe ways to keep you healthy while losing weight naturally. It all comes down to developing healthy habits in the way you eat and the way you live. By getting to understand your body better, you’ll build a stronger connection that helps you in finding the safest approach to weight loss — all while loving your body in all its states.

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