How to Lose Weight on a Vegan Diet?

The internet is littered with the success stories of people who dropped pounds by adhering strictly to a vegan diet.  The question on most lips is “Those it really work for the long term?  While short-term success might be attributed to a lot of factors, does following through really work? Losing weight and maintaining weight are two different things that need to be treated in isolation.

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What are the reasons behind a vegan weight loss diet?

People who start out with vegan diet lose weight right out of the box. The reason is that vegan diets have a healthy amount of dietary fiber.  Dietary fiber is notorious for sweeping through your intestines to flush out craps that might have been built up by junk food.

If you contrast the effect of a vegan diet on weight loss to animal products a notable line can be drawn. Animal products and food contain little to no fibers. Yes you heard me right! Red meat, cheese, chicken, eggs, fish, turkey and milk are very low on dietary fiber. It makes absolute sense to pinpoint weight loss on a vegan diet to the action of dietary fiber.

If you feel chunky or you notice that your pants no longer fit in properly, it might be time to consider a radical shift in the way you eat. A vegan diet can come in handy.

Here are 6 useful tips to get you started on losing weight on a vegan diet:

1.) Review the Vegan Food Pyramid

If you are just starting out with the vegan diet, be sure to have a look at the vegan diet pyramid. The vegan pyramid was formulated to assist who are just starting out to know the various vegan food groups and the calories in each step of the way. The trick to losing weight on a vegan diet is to know the limits within each group. Knowledge about the range of servings, and how to twerk that information to suit your weight loss goals is of prime value.  Use the lowest serving range within each category for best results.

2.) Avoid fatty foods and Sodium

While it is ok to occasionally eat meat and non-vegan foods, if you are just starting out and want to see quick changes, it is advised that you skip these foods entirely. Faux foods are rich in fats and sodium that are detrimental to your general well-being. Rather opt for organic and non-GMO foods.  If you have time to spare, teach yourself how to prepare a variety of vegan meals from the let go. Order food from a food delivery service if you must.

3.) Whole Grains are very good

Whole grains are very good and will compliment your weight loss efforts. They are rich in nutrients like vitamins B for optimal metabolic functions. Don’t get things wrong, there is a big difference between foods that contain refined grains and those that are whole grains. Whole grains contain the right quality of carbohydrates that your body system needs. The carbohydrates from whole grains are better processed by the body in a much even manner that will support your weight loss efforts.

4.) Leave out fruit Juice

Although there are fruit juice tailored for a vegan diet, if you want to lose weight, stay away from all forms of fruit juice. Fruit juice is the number one source of unhealthy amounts of sugar in the body system.  You will find it difficult to lose weight on a vegan diet if you keep taking fruit juice whether there have been engineered for vegan or not

Fruits are not bad. They contain a very rich amount of fiber that is beneficial to the human body but you will do your body more harm than good if you drink only the juice and eliminate the fiber.

5.) Eat a lot of green vegetables

While this might sound pretty obvious on a vegan diet, it is still worth mentioning. Healthy green meals like those made from the likes of broccoli, mustard, zucchini and spinach are a good source of vital nutrients and Calcium needed to lose weight.  You can easily hamper your weight loss efforts on a vegan diet if you lack Calcium.

6.) Lastly stay hydrated and don’t be scared of nuts

Water is very vital to any weight loss regime. You need it to stay hydrated and help expel junk from your system. Nuts on the other hand are very good because they are a rich source of essential fatty acids needed for proper body metabolism and function.