Meditation And Phobias

Many people have many different phobias that have developed in their lives. Most of the time, a phobia develops because of a bad experience they have had in life and sometimes they even develop a phobia, because of something that happened in close friends or relatives life. People have a fear of many different things like flying, snakes, spiders, height and the list can go on and on. Did you ever think that meditating can help you get rid of your phobias?

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Meditation And Phobias

What Does Meditation Do?

Meditation helps you clear your mind and calm your nerves. When you clear your mind, you wipe away everything even the phobia. Once it is wiped away you should not be as scared of it anymore. This is not to say that your phobia is completely wiped away like when you erase a chalkboard. The phobia will still be there and present itself when you are faced with it but the phobia will not be as severe.

How Can It Help Phobias?

Meditation and phobias work hand in hand. If you have phobias about something specific, you need to meditate. Here is a good rule of thumb, if you are scared of flying then the best time to meditate is right before you get on the plane. If anyone had meditated they would not have had to drug him every time he took a flight. Since many people that are scared of flying won’t even go to the airport, the best time to meditate is right before you get on the plane. When meditation has become a part of your life you can do it anywhere, even in an airport.

Meditation and phobias can also help for phobias like fear of snakes and spiders. Many times when a person has a fear of something, they tend to dream about it. If you take time to meditate before you go to bed, your body will be relaxed and your mind will be clear and you will be able to have a peaceful night sleep free of nightmares.

Many people have many kinds of phobias, that can alter their life. If you are scared of flying you will not plan a vacation that causes you to get on an airplane. You will miss out on a lot of things that you want to see because you are scared to fly. If you drive that kind of distance to see what you want to see you will have wasted your vacation driving to something you do not have time to enjoy now. If you are scared of dogs you will not go into a person’s house unless you know if they have a dog and if it is tied up. Phobias can alter a person’s life and make them not do things that they want to do. By meditating and getting the phobia out of your mind you can make it go away at least for a while.

You only get one life, do not live it in fear. Relax get the phobia out of your mind with meditation, and live a happy life.