Keeping Your Mind Sharp: 5 Games That Will Strengthen Your Memory

The brain is one of the most important body parts a person has. In essence, the brain is used as a storage device. As time goes by, a person may start to notice their memories are becoming a bit foggy.

Finding ways to strengthen the brain is something scientists have been trying to do for years. Training this vital organ is essential when trying to keep it functional. Here are some of the best games an individual can play when trying to strengthen their memory.

  1. Crossword Puzzles are an Excellent Tool

As most experts in memory care will tell you, the brain is like a muscle that needs to be used daily to stay sharp. For most older Americans, reading the newspaper and doing the crossword puzzle is something they grew up doing. In the digital age, newspaper crossword puzzles have been replaced with apps and software programs.

The more a person does crossword puzzles, the easier they will become. This is why alternating between crossword puzzles and word search games is a good idea. By doing this, a person can provide their brain with challenges on a daily basis.

  1. Jigsaw Puzzles are Fun and Challenging

Scientists estimate that the average brain will hold nearly 1 quadrillion pieces of information over the course of a lifetime. Providing the brain with unique challenges can help to keep it strong and functional. Putting together a jigsaw puzzle is one of the most challenging things a person can do.

The more pieces a jigsaw puzzle has, the harder it will be to put together. Not only will this puzzle give the brain a workout, but it can also release dopamine in the body as well. Scientific data shows that clicking a piece of a puzzle into place leads to the release of dopamine. The higher the dopamine levels are, the easier it will be for a person to concentrate.

  1. Find Video Games That Require Multitasking

Over the years, video games have gotten a bad rap. While some video games provide no real benefits, others can give the brain a workout. Finding a video game that requires the player to multitask is a good idea. This multitasking can help an individual boost their brain’s cognitive function.

If a person gets good at games requiring multitasking, they should have no problem in real-life situations that are distracting. Being able to retrieve information even when distractions are around is a great skill to have.

  1. Playing Chess is Great

For years, people all over the world have had a fascination with chess. While you will probably not become the next Bobby Fisher, playing this game regularly can help with memory and brain functionality. The key to becoming a great chess player is staying a few moves ahead of an opponent.

When first starting to play this game, a person will have trouble plotting out their opponent’s next move. However, the more a person plays, the easier they will find it to use their brainpower to win. Professionals in memory care facilities often use chess as a way to entertain and engage patients who are suffering from early signs of dementia.

  1. The Power of Sodoku

Becoming a great Sodoku player requires a person to have a good memory and a knack for placing numbers in the right grids. For years, this game has been popular in newspapers and magazines. There are now many apps for Sodoku lovers to enjoy. As with any other challenging game, becoming a great Sodoku player will require lots of practice.

Pay Attention to Signs of Memory Loss

If you are having trouble remembering important things throughout the day, consulting with a doctor is a good idea. While this may be caused by a lack of sleep or other minor issues, it could also be a warning sign of the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s.