Information Every Medical Coder Must Know to Be Successful

In every career, there are certain tips that make our job easier or overall better. We get to know about these tips once we join the field. We, then, wonder how it would have been if we’d been told about them before. This is especially applicable for people pursuing medical coding. Therefore, here are some tips to help you out and make your job easier.

Pre-Employment Assessment.

In the healthcare industry, it is common practice to take a pre-employment exam. This assessment is done in order to find out the standard of your coding. It helps the medical billing and coding companies to narrow down their list. They can decide the best candidate for their job more easily if they know where you stand. This exam covers various aspects that are important to the company. It can help the organization to determine its strengths and weaknesses. It is important to keep in mind that this test is done for the purpose of the company. Therefore, the results found are only used to determine whether or not you should be hired. They are not meant to help the coder in developing new skills.

AHA Coding Clinics

A vital part of being a coder is to have sound knowledge of the coding guidelines and rules. AHA coding clinics provide you with appropriate information. ICD-10 is known to have major aspects of the guidelines. However, the AHA provides you with ICD-9 which contains guidance not present in ICD-10. This guidance is still important for aspiring coders. This information should be read carefully, depending upon its relevance. These coding clinics can help you improve your chances of success considering you will have greater knowledge to use. These may be expensive in terms of purchases. Therefore, it is better to gain access through employers or school programs.

Subjective Aspect

Schools determine your knowledge level on the basics it teachers and the answer key you follow. This is not the case in practical life. You require good decision-making skills that are tested in medical record pre-employment assessments. These are carried out due to the absence of a specified right or wrong answer. As a coder, you will face situations such situations which is why coding guidance and conventions are of great importance. Basics will not be enough for you to be successful in this field and you shouldn’t expect them to be. You must be prepared for the subjective aspect of medical coding at all times. Especially if you wish to thrive in this Medical Coder career.

Work Experience Requirement

Do not let the work experience element stop you from applying to various job ads. Employers mention 2-3 years’ requirement of work experience but it is not relevant if you are good at your job. This applies in the case of a direct hire. The main factor employers focus upon is the experience of the person in regard to using medical records. They wish for them to be familiar with the field as the main requirement is talent. A good coder is bound to get hired one way or another. Direct hire positions are great opportunities, in this case, therefore, they must not be avoided.

Not an Easy Task

Coding can be a tedious task that involves analyzing and verifying data. This data can consist of a number of pages. It is important to properly analyze all the information. The reason behind this being that the validity of the diagnosis must be confirmed. Furthermore, the coder must make sure to clarify all information in case of unclear documentation. Medical coding cannot be simply handed to machines due to its complex nature. The interpretation required for various aspects including medical treatments, medications, errors, and selection of correct codes.

Coding Credentials

It is important to note that there is a difference between a biller and a coder. A coder mainly focuses all his time on coding. Therefore, you can choose your coding according to the practice you wish to be employed at. A credential, in this case, carried great importance. It plays a great role in getting you hired. For example, hospital-based coding requires you to have AHIMA credentials. Through these credentials, you can make getting a job an easier task for yourself. Medical Coder


It cannot be said that the pay of a coder is always a very high one. In this career, not every person makes the same amount. This is due to the factors that surround the job and the coder. Medical billing and coding companies look at various aspects of someone including their education and education. Similarly, it is also dependent on the organization and its size along with its location of operation. The positive factor to remember is the fact that coding can lead to higher-paying jobs. However, they may come with requirements of their own. Certain positions that you can consider working towards are a coding manager, HIM director, coding auditor, etc. Either way, one must keep in mind not only the salary figure but also the benefits provided by the company.


Whether you are in a physical institution or enrolled in an online program, networking is of great importance. You must try to gain a public eye by getting to know various people. These people will help you in making your job search an easier task. Therefore, for a successful career, you must incorporate networking from the moment you choose Medical Coder as a career.

These tips may make your life as a medical coder an easier one. Despite your requirement of working hours on end, it will eliminate other hurdles. That way you will be able to focus on your job in a more beneficial way. Keeping these points in mind before entering the market will also result in a more successful career. It will connect you to the appropriate employers and help you with the required skills. Therefore, if you plan on joining a medical billing and coding company, note these tips down. They might be just what you need.